Why are bicycle marked cards using for cheating in poker?

In this article, we are going to tell you why are bicycle marked cards used for cheating in poker.Also, we are going to discuss how the cards are marked in different ways also what bicycle marked deck cards are.

What are bicycle marked deck cards?

The bicycle marked cards are a deck of 52 cards which are also seen in normal cards.They use their own made personalized luminous ink to make marks on the back of the card.The marked deck by the bicycle is made for cheating with either an IR contact lens or ink glasses.

If you have a deck of marked deception cards, then you cannot see any kind of secret of the card.This brand of marked cards is preferred by both magicians and also gamblers.If you are a professional magician, then you can use this deck to do magic.That is because you can see all the different things about the card itself using a contact lens or glasses.

You can click on https://www.cardslenses.com/bicycle-marked-decks.shtml to buy your marked cards.The bicycle cards are originally made in Spain, but their production is shifted to America.

What are marked cards?

These are the cards that are marked on their back with some invisible marking that is not visible to the normal human eye.These cards are mainly used in cheating because they are easy to use and do not cost very much.Whereas, if you take a poker analyzer system, you will need to pay a lot for it to be purchased.

People first tried to physically change the cards before the printing industry.So they started tearing and also folding the cards to start cheating.The marking on these cards is visible through an IR contact lens or contact glasses.

These cards have been used many times by people and also players.That is because, at the earlier time, there were no such devices to catch these kinds of cheaters.

What are the different methods to mark a card?

Here is a list of all the different methods you can use to mark a card very easily.

  •  Blocked out markings

This is a method where the backside of a marked card one small detail will not be visible.This means that the markings are done on some kind of pattern by blocking some of them using the same ink colour.

  •  Marked cards with cut out

This means that on the back of the card, some of the other details are scraped off by a blade.Not a razor but either by a knife, needle, or a pin, whichever is available.

  •  Markings made with printed cards

This means that the card is marked on its back with a secret marking made from invisible ink.You can either do a number, shape, or colour marking on the back of the card using this technique.

  •  Bicycle marked cards

These are the cards which are marked properly and professionally to keep track of what opponent are using.