What To Know Before Buying A Land

Are you planning to buy land? Are you searching for a guide that you need to know before buying land? You are at the right place! Here are the important factors that you need to consider before buying land. 

Don’t get tempted as soon as you see a post of land for sale (รับฝากขายที่ดิน, which is the term in Thai). First, know all the details and then proceed to the buying process. Consider all the below-mentioned factors before buying the land.

  • Type Of Soil And Location 

Before opting for land make sure you’re checking the fertility and the type of soil that land consists of. Might build a Shopping Complex a residential building are any commercial building. Whatever the building might be the soil and land must be proper. So check the type of soil of that land with your requirement. If you are planning a commercial Complex make sure the land is in a prime location. 

  • Water Availability

Many people face water scarcity during the summer Seasons because their land might be at a location where the groundwater level is low. Before choosing the lands make sure that your land has enough groundwater level. If you are choosing a place whose groundwater level is low then you will face problems during the summer season. 

  • Legal Documents

Make sure that your landlord or the one from whom you’re purchasing the land has all the legal documents verified. Check every document properly to make sure that there is no mistake in all those documents. Here are a few documents that you need to check

  • Sales Deed
  • Extract
  • Multi Register Extract
  • No Objection Certification 
  • Allotment Letter
  • Sales Agreement

Make sure you’re having all these documents properly. 

  • Budget

Budget is the most important factor to be considered while buying something. When it comes to land, it is the most important part. If your land is worth then spending as much as required is quite a good idea. But if you are missing at least one option then make sure you are not spending too much on the land. Most of the time people end up buying land whose value decreases with the time, so before buying the man if the land value stays the same even if there is no development or if there is a development in that particular location. 

So these are the four important factors that you need to consider before buying land. Check all the above-mentioned factors and choose wisely. Because land is not a small investment and it takes a lot of time and money to buy land.