Why Regular Dental Cleanings in Monterey Are Important for Your Child

Seeing your child smile is priceless. To protect this smile, you don’t just make sure your little one brushes their teeth regularly but also take them for professional dental cleaning. Dental cleanings for kids are a significant part of their dental care that can save them from future dental pain and ensure they always smile brightly and healthily. By taking your child to a family dentist in Monterey, they enjoy the following benefits:

Professionally Cleaned Teeth

After a deep cleaning at a dentist’s office, the mouth of your child can be fresh and flawless. Your child may be brushing and flossing their teeth regularly, but there may still be areas in the mouth they cannot clean properly. Professional cleanings can get between the teeth, to the back of the teeth, and around the gum line. These spots are hard for your child to clean by themselves. Also, dental cleanings can polish your child’s teeth to prevent the buildup of plaque and leave the teeth looking bright and feeling smooth.

Cavity Prevention

Once your child has a tooth, they are already at risk of developing cavities, which can bring toothaches and require fillings. For a child who may not be comfortable around unfamiliar sounds or nervous at a dentist, getting dental fillings can be quite unpleasant. In fact, this can make them fear visiting a dentist again. To save your child from the pain of dental cavities, ensure they get regular dental cleanings. 

Teeth Examinations

Professional dental cleanings do not only clean your child’s teeth. Once your child goes for a cleaning, they also get a mouth examination. The dentist will examine their mouth for cavities and take X-rays of their teeth. Also, they check on the development of your child’s teeth to make sure everything is growing correctly. In addition, the dentist will look for signs of health problems within your child’s mouth to ensure they are not suffering from oral diseases. A bi-annual dental checkup is a great way to make sure everything is progressing as expected. This also makes sure any issue can be addressed promptly to prevent it from getting worse.

Regular dental cleanings are an important part of your child’s medical care. Going to the same dentist repeatedly makes the cleaning experience better because your child gets to know the clinic and staff and feels comfortable with the experience. Ensure your child gets dental cleanings from an experienced dentist.