Wearing Polo Shirt and Acing The Look Like  Pro

The popularity of the polo shirt (รับทำเสื้อโปโล, which is the term in Thai) is such that it has almost become a wardrobe staple for men around the globe. Whether you wish to wear it for a business trip or a casual hangout with your friends, polo shirts can never go out of fashion. With the rapid increase of demand for the polo shirt, more and more men are delving deep into the most sensational trends and ways of wearing the same.

But before buying one, here’s a quick guide into the latest ways of flaunting a polo shirt.

Types of Polo Shirts and to Style Them

·       Classic Polo Shirt

Classic polo shirts largely made available by the polo shirt factory (โรงงานเสื้อโปโล, term in Thai)  are famously termed as golf shirts and or tennis shirts. The classic polo shirts are specially meant for casual wear and usually come with short-sleeves coupled with a collar and multiple buttons on the neckline. Presently, classic polo shirts are seen to be a perfect choice for casual wear and the polo shirt manufacturer (รับผลิตเสื้อโปโล, term in Thai) makes it using a knitted cloth and not woven cloth.

·       Men’s Polo Shirt

Men’s polo shirt is a good choice for men who prefers long sleeve plus sized shirts. The men’s polo shirt is a must for men, given how you can rock two styles with the same- street casual style and sporty looks. Men’s polo shirt is best for men who love pulling off a crisp and casual business style in polo shirts.

·       The 5 Don’ts of Polo Shirts To Know

  1. Avoiding popping the collar of a long sleeve polo shirt, as it looks too out-of-time.
  2. Keep yourself away from slipping into a designer sleeve polo long shirt, because it is designed as a single layer that will be close to your body. Adding an undershirt will only make you look bulky.
  3. Stop unbuttoning the buttons. Try and button up at least one.
  4. Do not shorten the length of the polo shirt or make it long. Keep the length to moderate.
  5. Before you purchase polo shirts from the polo shirt manufacturer, make sure not all of them are of bright colors. Have a solid collection of basic colors like white, black, and blue.

Make sure to keep these 5 don’ts in your mind and no matter what type of polo shirt you wear, you shall look insanely handsome in them.