What Are The Main Reasons Behind Under-Eye Fat Other Than Genetics?

Not just age, the reasons for under-eye fat (ไขมัน ใต้ ตา, which is the term in Thai) could be numerous and is a cosmetic concern. Though it usually goes away, if it persists, visiting a doctor would be in your best interest. Because if it continues, it could be a sign of an injury whether minor or serious. Genetics could be an important root behind it. Usually, it causes the tissues surrounding the eyes to get weak. And, slowly the fat moves towards the lower eye region and they look swollen. Therefore, here are some of the reasons behind under-eye fat.

Too Much Salt

Too much salt is never good for your body and should never be a part of your diet. When you consume extra sodium, it would retain the water and therefore make your under-eyes and body puffier. The thinner the skin is the puffier it would look especially the next morning after having a salty meal. Cut salt and limit it to what you consume in a day.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

You might have seen people guessing that you did not have good sleep while looking at your under-eye bags. Also, not enough sleep could be the reason for droopy eyes, red ones, and also dark circles. When you do not consistently sleep for enough hours, it could cause the muscles of the eye to loosen and the elastic tissue-collagen reduces too. This causes the fluid to assemble which causes your eyes to get inflamed.


Allergies could be a big reason why there is a fluid build-up around the eyes along with the sinuses. Red eyes and watery ones could happen because of allergies. Some common allergies which could cause puffiness and sometimes under-eye bags are pollen, pollution, animal fur along with smoke, mold, and also perfume. Usually, the mast cells which are the protective cells of the eyes give off histamine to fight allergies. This could cause one to tear up.

Graves’ Disease

This is also known by the name of thyroid eye disease.  Under-eye fat is caused when the thyroid glands cannot handle or balance the thyroid hormones perfectly. This can also happen when you rely too much on thyroid medication. One should refer a specialist immediately. The symptoms will give bulging-eyes and swelling of the under-eye. Other symptoms include redness, double vision, pressure, or pain.

There are several clinics that one could consult to treat under-eye bags and soothe the pain. Usually, it is normal and goes away on its own without going for any treatment. But if it persists, early treatment is important so that no damage to the eyes happens.