Various Types of Water-cooled Chiller

Everyone who is connected with the topic of ventilation, air conditioning, and water cooling knows what a chiller is. But not every layman knows what a water cooled chiller is. But this is, in fact, the same air conditioner, only of the significant, industrial size. A chiller, in fact, is a special refrigeration unit that is used to cool a wide variety of liquids. Chillers are used in many areas of production:

  • in the alcohol industry;
  • in the food industry;
  • in medicine;
  • in mechanical engineering.

Today, the most popular type of this type of device is the classic monoblock chiller. Its main advantage is, in fact, its monoblock – due to this parameter, the working space is significantly saved since all elements are already integrated into the device.

Another model of the device is chillers with a remote-type condenser. A distinctive feature of this format of equipment is the increased efficiency in warm weather and the ability to connect to large water tanks.

By the type of coolant, chillers are divided into:

  • propylene glycol;
  • ethylene glycol;
  • aquatic.

The devices are equipped with a specialized microprocessor control system. For each model of chillers, there is always an opportunity to select additional equipment. This makes it possible to mount equipment in any place.

At the same time, the compressor-condensing devices are designed taking into account the latest technology and engineering developments. As a result of which they are equipped with microprocessor control, low-noise fans, and special scroll compressors. The used refrigerant is absolutely harmless and does not have the slightest negative effect on the ozone layer.

The additionally developed evaporator in the form of a plate heat exchanger makes it possible to maximize the thermodynamic characteristics of the equipment. The devices are endowed with a freezing protection system for the heater during the time when this equipment is not connected to work.