Businesses that Require Bitcoin hosting Services

Even businesses need bitcoin hosting, take a look.

Bitcoin hosting refers to using bitcoin to buy Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Domain Registration.

There are several businesses that require bitcoin hosting services. These businesses can be divided into two major categories:


A large number of organisations sell web hosting and other services related to it. These sellers ought to increase their market share by accepting payments in different modes and that also includes Bitcoin. 

An increasing number of people are investing in bitcoin. To provide services to these holders of bitcoin opens up a new market for the sellers. Bitcoin also offers simplicity of transaction, security and privacy. Some of the companies that provide Bitcoin web hosting are:

1. THCServers

2. Hostinger

3. WordPress

4. Namecheap

5. MonsterMegs

6. HawkHost


To be fair, any company that needs an online presence needs a hosting service. And all companies that require hosting can use and therefore require bitcoin hosting. Especially, if they have mined for bitcoin properly. From a saloon to a multinational company, if you need to increase your reach and create an image for yourself or your businesses, web-hosting is the way to go. Some type of companies that require bitcoin hosting are:

1. Bloggers: 

Bloggers are a breed that live and thrive on the internet. They need some sort of hosting. And that is why they can benefit from bitcoin hosting. 

You see, if your blog takes over, it will not only generate more traffic but also demant more data/content. All this data needs to be stored on the servers that allow for maximum bandwidth to support your traffic. Servers like these are far from cheap. However, since the value of bitcoin has surpassed the value of USD, if you pay through bitcoin, you will find it cheaper to use bitcoin that you invested in at allowed cost.

2. Small and Big Businesses: 

For any small business to grow, it needs web hosting and for the above mentioned reasons, bitcoin is a better option.

Using bitcoin for web hosting also gives both buyers and sellers security and privacy, something we all appreciate.