Rhetorical Précis as a popular type of academic assay

Academic papers are arguably the most complex and difficult texts to write. Moreover, most writing assignments in school or universities are somehow connected with academic style. Rhetorical Précis is a good example of such an essay, that you can order at wr1ter.com. This site offers high quality copywriter services for those, who find it useless to develop a writing skill for their future or current occupation.

What is Rhetorical Précis?

This is a type of text that provides a brief and compressed information of another piece. In other words, Rhetorical Précis is a detailed preview of a text of much bigger volume. For example, some articles can be too long for quick consumption of the information and readers find it more convenient to check a summarized review instead. Usually, this type of an essay should include and partially develop the main idea of the article and list the most important points of it. Thus, it should prepare the reader for more complex pieces of text and help him or her to understand, whether it is worth reading or not.

Key features of a Rhetorical Précis

  • The basic structure of this type of academic essay includes introduction, body and conclusion; however, it can vary depending on the topic or style of the reviewed article.
  • Tips for writing a Rhetorical Précis:
  • Keep it brief. The main feature of it is the small size and easy-to-consume type of giving the information. Try to compress all the important points into 100 – 1000 words without making it too complicated.
  • Do not forget about the structure and try to divide the information equally. The right structure is essential for such types of overviews.
  • Use academic style of writing. Give all the arguments and key points using first- and second-person language.

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