First Aid guide for the most spread injuries

To provide first aid properly you have to take medical training first. Only applying for Erste Hilfe Kurs München will help you take control over the situation and run the problem effectively. To be prepared you should apply first aid techniques for common injuries with erste hilfe kurs Bayern Some treatments require wearing protective gloves, especially when contacting bodily fluids. Another important issue requires obtaining a personal first aid kit and using all medical supplies properly.

Minor injuries

Thoroughly clean the affected area (use warm water and a soap). Dry the injured area directly with a soft cloth. Don’t use hydrogen peroxide as it can cause more damage. After the injured area is dry put the antibiotic ointment. Then cover it with a bandage carefully.

Cuts and scrapes

The first point in dealing with the common minor injuries is to stop bleeding. Elevating the wound will force the process. Clean the injured area with water, cover it with ointment and a clean bandage or cloths. Make sure there isn’t any serious infection or swelling around the affected area, so it’s better to replace the bandage every hour to monitor the situation.

Wasp stings

Take out tweezers from your first aid kit to remove a sting. If you don’t have one you can use other tools, for example, a credit card for scraping the area and fully removing the sting. After that, apply ice packs on the injury to reduce swelling. Remove all possessions and accessories that can cause swelling. Mind, some people may have an allergic reaction. So don’t leave the person alone, stay with him to provide good condition. When signs of shock or allergy occur, check the airway, normal breathing, and circulations. If you cannot cope with the problem, call for an ambulance immediately.