Use Instagram to create an excellent social presence for your business

Instagram has no doubt become the most popular social media platform today. You can use Instagram to drive a huge audience to your website. Instagram has a big role to play in creating new leads and increasing the conversion rate of your website. However, you need to create a very strong online presence on social media. To help you get started, we have brought before you some of the best tips that will allow you to create a very good presence on Instagram.

#1 Create a very good profile for yourself: You must polish your Instagram profile properly. Try to keep it minimalistic and straightforward. You must put a lot of emphasis on your profile photo. This is mainly because your profile picture is going to represent who you actually are and what your values are. It is always advisable that you use the same profile photo on Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts. This will help you to maintain consistency. Your bio should be short and precise and it should be able to convey what you have got to offer to your customers. Keep your bio minimum and try to include personal details as well. You may also include hashtags in your bio.

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#2 Keep track of analytics to monitor your success: You might have a proper idea about the number of likes that your posts are getting and the number of followers on your social media profile. You must try to increase your likes and followers to the best of your ability. There are multiple ways using which you can increase your likes and followers. Famoid is one such platform which will allow you to purchase likes and followers for your Instagram account in the most organic way. Using Famoid, you will get likes and followers delivered at your Instagram profile almost instantaneously. Getting free followers on instagram has never been easier.

#3 Develop an excellent content strategy: Your Instagram posts should help you to succeed in the long run. You need to understand what and how to share your content so that it gets the maximum attention. Your photographs and videos should be highly engaging and of superior quality. The images that you share on your platform should be relevant to your post and your brand. You can also include small videos in your profile. The videos can directly be shot from your Instagram app. Another very good way to increase user engagement is geotagging. It will help you to connect your images and videos to a specific location.

#4 Increase audience engagement: Keeping your audience engaged all the time is a full-time job. You need to be very careful regarding how exactly you wish to draw the attention of your customers. A very good way to do so is by including trending hashtags in your posts. Hashtags will help your audience to reach your brand easily. You may try to create contests on your Instagram profile and provide gifts and discounts to the winners. You may also send direct messages to your potential customers and ask for their views and feedback. You may also take the help of email marketing and chatbots to increase user engagement.

#5 Create user-generated content: You must also try to incorporate user-generated content into your personal content. You can use images and videos that your trustworthy customers have already created. You can easily access this content from their profiles. You may also use hashtags and contests to encourage your audience to submit user-generated content to you.

#6 Display your products: You need to display your products before your users in the best possible way. Your products are your main heroes. So, promoting what you have got to sell is of extreme importance. There are multiple ways by which you will be able to show off your products on Instagram. You can click attractive images of your products and post them on your Instagram channel. Creating interactive videos can also be a very popular option for you. Make sure that whatever you do is out of the box and impactful.

In this way, you will be able to create a really good social presence for your brand. However, as long as your website is not SEO optimised, you will never be able to get the right exposure. You need to include proper SEO strategies in your social media marketing strategies. You can go through this reference guide to improve the SEO ranking of your website and increase the chances of your website being noticed.