Reasons and Options to Meet your Teeth Whitening Needs 

Teeth tend to discolor or stain for numerous reasons. If you look forward to making them whiter and brighter, consider searching for a safe method. You would come across several options to whiten your teeth. A good option would be to search for Teeth Whitening Oak Lawn treatments at a dentist or try-at-home whitening products. The most conventional teeth whitening treatments have been deemed safe to use if you follow the instructions to the letter. 

Reasons for teeth discoloration 

You may often wonder why teeth discolor. Rest assured that several reasons have been associated with discoloration or stained teeth. Some of the reasons have been listed below. 

Extrinsic discoloration 

Smoking habits, beverages, or some foods could stain your teeth. Your teeth can be stained with coffee, red wine, tea, foods using dyes, and tobacco. The outside of your teeth would be badly stained. 

You could treat extrinsic discoloration with whitening toothpaste. It targets the outside stains of the teeth. 

Intrinsic discoloration 

Stains occurring within the tooth come under intrinsic discoloration. It could occur due to aging, tooth trauma, infection, childhood illness, and medication use. 

You could bleach the teeth from a professional for teeth whiteness needs. 

Teeth whitening options 

Your decision to whiten your teeth would be based on the kind of staining you suffer from. You would come across several products and methods to whiten teeth. However, you may be skeptical about using the one safe for your teeth whitening needs. 

Let us delve into the three general categories of whitening methods. These would be inclusive of 

  • Administered by the dentist 
  • Made at home or over the counter without the oversight of the dentist 
  • Given by the dentist to be used at home 

It would be in your best interest to look for a specific method for teeth whitening based on one or more aspects, inclusive of 

  • The treatment method 
  • Age, in the case of children 
  • The cost of the treatment 
  • The kind of discoloration 
  • Dental history of the patient, inclusive of crowns and fillings 

Consider discussing teeth whitening methods with your dentist before using the one. He would be your best bet for recommending a suitable treatment to meet your specific needs. With several options made available at your behest, you would most likely discuss several approaches to your teeth whitening needs. 

Remember that time taken to whiten your teeth safely would be dependent on the kind of discoloration you have along with the method used for teeth whitening needs.