Is App Engagement Trend In India On A Rise?   

The number of Smartphone users in India is expected to rise to 760 million in 2021. Over 500 million users are using smartphones with an inbuilt play store having infinite apps for every use.  On average, every user access 24 apps on daily basis. Whether it’s a video streaming platform or any online food ordering app, the majority of users have switched to applications for smart use. Checkout celebs with the most followers on instagram.

Apps have got embedded in the daily life of Indians. Especially, social media apps have escalated their use. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the three major players that offer the audience to post updates, stories, and events. There’re many app engagement software that proffers social engagement for businesses.   

If you have doubts about app engagement trends in India, then here’s your answer to it. There is a sharp rise in app engagement trends in India.

Let’s explore the major industries where users have switched to apps for a complete digital experience.

Gaming Apps: That’s no surprise in accepting the fact of how mobile gaming has gained a lot in recent times. 70% of the users are playing one or the other game daily on their phones. Here is how to increase social sharing.

Financial Apps: 47% of the users use financial apps that include banking, investment, and wallet apps to trade and maintain accounts within a few clicks.

OTT Platforms: The future of television seems to be on a disappearing mode. OTT entertainment apps are the future. 40% of the users are watching video content online rather than experiencing the same on television.

Video Conferencing Apps: That’s mandatory in corporate work-style. However, the uses are not limited only to corporate establishment. Even small and medium-sized business is using these platforms to arrange a conference meeting with their teams. Contact Apxor for business software and grow your business digitally. We have the software you need for business growth. click here to read the full article.