All About Ather’s Collector’s Edition of 450X – Series 1

As we’re all aware, Ather Energy is a Bengaluru-based EV scooter that introduced India’s first performance electric scooter – the 450X. It comes across as a very desirable product, thanks to its sporty, modern styling, good quality finish levels and technology, making it a fun-to-ride scooter. Ather has now taken the wraps off its Collector’s Edition version of the scooter, called the Series 1.

The looks

The Series 1 boasts of an unconventional colour theme that includes gloss black with a golden metallic flake finish to it as well. It sports a couple of red accents as well – like the racing stripe, exposed trellis frame and wheel rim graphics. The side panels are made from near-transparent polycarbonate material, making the trellis frame prominently visible – something seen for the first time. However, customers will receive these panels only in May 2021.

Electric power

Beneath the bodywork, the Series 1 shares the same tech as the 450X. It is powered by a 3.3kW/6kW (continuous/peak) motor that makes 26Nm of torque, while it can reach a top speed of 80kph. The scooter can sprint from 0-40kph in 3.3 seconds in the Wrap riding mode. The range has increased too from 65kms to 70kms in Ride mode. The range in Eco mode has increased to 85kms. The bigger lithium-ion battery on the 450X needs more time to charge as it takes close to 6 hours to get to 100% from 0.


The Series 1 also features an updated instrument console, while the Android-based operating system remains the same. However, it now indicates it is a Series 1. It features a 7.0-inch screen with 4G LTE and Bluetooth 4.2. The Series 1 will be delivered to those who pre-ordered it earlier this year, and the company has managed to garner a good number of booking with all sold out. Customers will not be charged for the first year of ownership. Ather bikes Energy has plans to expand to 11 cities very soon.

Ride experience

The 450X is light and rather quick to steer. It is also very flickable, but the stiff suspension setup at the front results in a few thuds. The telescopic forks have stiffed up a bit as well. The rear monoshock is the same and the ride is a bit too spongy at the back over bad roads. However, the scooter feels confident around corners and you can also opt for the wider TVS tyres. Opt for the ‘Pro’ package, and you get better acceleration and range with access to fast charging as well. Performance is quite brisk. The scooter simply surges ahead, and as you open the throttle, it picks up pace very quickly. This e-scooter is also very responsive between 40-50kph and is great to ride in the city. Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming scooters, only at autoX.