When is the Perfect Time to Do Your Nightly Skincare Routine?

There is no set time for skincare, whether it’s in the morning or at night. You just know that during the day, you need your skincare to be done before you apply your makeup. The two usually come hand in hand, and this is also true for your nighttime routine, though in reversed order.

You can, of course, set a time for skincare and develop this into an unbreakable habit. But you’ll want to keep your routine as agile as possible, so that you will still be motivated to do it even if the scheduled time has already passed. Here are some of the suggested times to do your nightly skincare routine.

After you get home

As mentioned earlier, your nightly routine is connected to your makeup routine. Particularly, taking off makeup marks the start of nightly skincare. This is what you want to do first when you get home. Take your oil-based cleanser and remove your makeup, then go straight into your water-based cleanser. This then opens up to your toner, then the application of sheet masks online stores recommend, and then your moisturizer. It makes sense to start the process as soon as you get home so that you can get rid of the gunk on your face before you touch your pillows, couch, or anything else at home. You’re also getting rid of the impurities on your skin’s surface before they have a chance to seep into your pores. Moreover, the longer you let makeup sit on your skin, the more oily your skin might look, which feels uncomfortable.

Before you go to sleep

If you have other things to do after you’ve reached home, such as putting the groceries away or preparing dinner, makeup removal might not be your priority. But don’t forget to do it before you go to bed. This will ensure that you go to sleep without impurities, dirt, and makeup buildup on your face. These might transfer onto your pillowcases, which means that next night, the dirt could transfer to your face even after you’ve washed it. Doing your nightly skincare routine before going to bed also allows your night cream to have a chance to work throughout the time you’re asleep.

While planning for the next day

If you’re a busy individual juggling work and personal life, chances are, you don’t get that much downtime. When you do get some downtime, you probably like to spend it in front of the TV or catching up on your favorite shows. You can also use this time to get a headstart on your plans for the next day. While you’re doing this, let your skincare products sit on your skin. Your skincare routine will feel less like a sit-down-until-finished type of task; rather, it will be wedged in there between you writing your grocery list and getting your nightly sip of wine. What matters is you’re carving some time for it bit by bit, so that your skin is geting the care it deserves.

Your skincare routine should be flexible enough that you can do it whenever you have free time. Make it adapt to your day so that you will not feel like doing it is such a hassle.