Common varieties of slots you can try out


Slots is a popular luck-based game that is available in all casinos. There are a lot of players who are eager to try out their luck in slots as well as bandarq. If you are one of them, you should know some of the basic forms of slots that have existed until now. Here are some of the common forms of slots that you will come across.

Classic Slots

Classic slots were the regular type of slots. This type of slot was played in the earlier days. Since then, there have been a lot of variations of slots that have come up. The classic slots have slot machines that also play music when they roll. The sound was so good that players were pumped up to play the game. The payout was shown on metal reels where the number of rows varies from one another. The classic slots are still found in many casinos where there are still players willing to play the game. 

Video Slots

The video slots took the internet by storm. It became as popular as the classic slots if not more. The video slots brought some unique features along with them. It has some good graphics for the time which were very colorful and attractive. There were no metal reels like the classic slots and instead the reels were shown on the screen. All these came at a cost lesser than the classic slots for the casinos. Soon, most of the casinos adopted it. The video slots worked on software and had three to five reels. Slots that had more than one reel were also termed multi-line slots.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are fairly new in casinos. Progressive slots are played by connecting many slot machines across numerous casinos. Players from different places can take part in this slot from different casinos. The rewards in progressive slots are its highlight. There is a huge jackpot up for grabs which includes all the players’ bets. All the bets of the players are added to the jackpot except for the taxes which are deducted by the casinos. The bets are collected for a certain amount of time and then the progressive slot is played on a particular day. Progressive slots take a fair amount of time to be conducted and thus it is not very regular. 


You will find these slots in online casinos. You should have experience of all these slot games along with other games such as bandarq.