Two Major Types of Horse Load Trailers

A horseload trailer is the most important piece of equipment for carrying horses in comfort and safety. Each of these trailers’ many styles is tailored to the unique requirements and tastes of horse owners. This article will discuss the straight-load trailer and the slant-load trailer.

Straight Load Trailer

Horses are put onto a straight load float trailer and driven ahead on a straight path. Because of its design, loading and unloading horses is made easier and less stressful. One special feature of a straight load trailer is that each horse has its stall, which keeps the horses from bumping against or obstructing one another while travelling.

Slant Load Trailer

In contrast, stalls on a Slant Load Trailer are diagonally tilted, enabling horses to stand at a little slant while being transported. The horses ride more comfortably thanks to this design, which also maximises the amount of room within the trailer. Slant load trailers are special because they make good use of available space, allowing more horses to be accommodated while yet providing enough room for each animal to travel in comfort.

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While various horse trailers for sale are available, horse owners wishing to invest in an appropriate transportation solution must comprehend the distinctions between straight load and slant load trailers.

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