5 Signs Your Dog Needs a Bark Collar

There are many ways dogs communicate with us – one of which includes barking. While a barking dog is an excellent way to deter intruders from your home or understand some of its needs, it can get annoying.

People dislike dogs barking non-stop all day. Loud dogs can cause disputes between the owner and a disgruntled neighbour. The stress is not worth it, so consider purchasing bark collars in Australia.

Unsure when to buy a bark collar in Brisbane? Here are the five telltale reasons your dog might need one:

  1. Uncontrollable Barking

Do you have trouble keeping your dog’s barking controlled? Does your pet disturb the neighbours from day until night?

Consider getting a bark collar if you cannot control your dog’s barking. These innovative products disrupt your dog’s barking cycle by administering a form of stimulation – a vibration or mild electronic shock. Over time, your dog will be conditioned to stop barking constantly.

  1. Complaints from Neighbours

Excessive barking can be a nuisance to a neighbourhood. Handling neighbour complaints can be stressful.

Constant complaints about your dog’s barking pattern indicate that you must equip your pet with a bark collar. Not only will this relieve the neighbourhood of barking problems, but it will also provide you with peace of mind.

  1. Training Difficulties

One of the most demanding training regimens for any dog is bark control. You can’t simply praise your dog whenever they are quiet and you cannot always be at home  to reinforce positive behaviour.

Bark collars make training easier by administering controlled stimulations whenever your dog barks excessively. Bark collars can be programmed to determine the correct level to regulate and soften your pet’s barking habit.

  1. Disturbance

Sometimes, your dog’s barking disrupts the peace within your home. You may have children who need to go to bed early or elderly who require serenity.

Getting a bark collar for a loud dog is significantly beneficial for your household. You’ll be able to enjoy a night of sound sleep and some relaxation without your dog barking uncontrollably.

  1. Safety Concerns

In some cases, excessive dog barking can become a danger. Too much barking is often rooted in anxiety and stress in your pet.

For instance, loud dogs are prone to roaming and escaping, increasing the risk of accidents. Excessive barking can soon escalate into aggression towards other animals and people.

Besides proper training, using bark collars to mitigate your dog’s barking cycle is a great way to put your pet under control. We recommend using bark collars responsibly to reinforce positive behaviour Ie stopping barking, without adding to the stress. Before using a bark collar, make sure you rule out any underlying health issues which could prompt your dog to bark excessively and signal their distress

If any of these apply to you, or if you have other issues regarding your dog’s barking, we recommend purchasing bark collars from Hidden Fence. With seven adjustable settings and a bark counter, your pet will soon learn to regulate its barking efficiently.