High-Asset Divorces: What Couples Should Know

Couples who have many assets and decide to divorce can face serious court battles. To resolve a divorce like theirs, judges need to focus not just on the total value of the assets but also on the complexities and diversity of these assets. If you are divorcing your spouse and have complex assets in your marriage, you need the knowledge, skills, and experience of reputable wilmington divorce lawyers. Also, there are important things you should keep in mind including the need to work with specialists. 

What are Complex Assets?

Couples who own multiple properties, have a huge stock portfolio or own a business have high value and high diversity in their assets. And such a level of complexity would also have a high value. And you need a divorce attorney who specializes in high-asset cases. The right lawyer will pay attention to even the smallest details when handling your type of case. They are familiar with valuing a business or digging up hidden assets.

Managing Your Expectations

In high-asset cases, the higher value of the estate can skew perspectives. If you are your family’s main income earner, you might want to get most of the financial assets or pay just the average in spousal support. But, this is not always the case in high-asset divorces. Also, if you are the spouse who depends on the primary earner financially, you may want to get specific holdings in the divorce without understanding the risk or liability associated with these types of properties. 

Whatever your position is in the relationship, you need to manage your expectations when it comes to your estate’s size. A reliable attorney can help you better understand what to expect in your divorce outcome. 

Understanding Your Settlement Options

Property division in high-asset divorce is more complicated than in standard divorce cases. However, it also opens up more settlement options. A great attorney can explore the options that meet the needs and interests of both parties. 

Considering the Existence of Pre-Marital Assets

Do you have assets you gain before the marriage? Income or properties you were given in inheritance are legally considered separate property. The same is true for assets you brought into the marriage and kept under your name. But, you must have clear documentation to separate these assets from your marital assets. 

The complexities associated with high-asset divorces have to do with the variety and uniqueness of the assets involved. These types of assets require special attention and negotiation. To make sure you are treated fairly in your high-asset divorce, contact a good divorce attorney.