Top 10 Korean Clothes for Women

The definition of fashion changes from day to day. The modern-day youth is very much influenced by any latest fashion trend that comes their way. Recently, the accessories and the clothes belonging to Korean culture have become the latest trendsetters. This is mainly due to the recent evolution of K-Pop, a modern kind of music which has its roots in Korea. The genre of music has a commendable choreography and incorporates the use of flashy and colourful clothes. The youth of today are largely influenced by this fashion trend and are becoming more and more inclined to adopting Korean ways of fashion. Be it a pair of flirtatious denim shorts or baggy t-shirts, Korean clothes can never go out of trend.

Best Korean Outfitsto Add to Your Wardrobe

Are you bored of your old wardrobe? You can rejuvenate your wardrobe by adding a number of dresses that complement the latest Korean fashion trends! At Yishion Online, you can come across a plethora of options to choose from. Given below are the 10 best Korean styles that are a must-have in every K-fashion lover’s closet:

  • Own Oversized Cotton T-Shirt That Has A Trendy Slit Opening At The Back: Koreans love wearing baggy t-shirts and dresses. If you want to sport that Korean look, you can fetch an oversized cotton t-shirt with a trendy back-slit. These t-shirts are available in a variety of colours and sizes. This basic top has a 3/4th sleeve. The back slit adds to the uniqueness of the t-shirt and leaves room for a little surprise! You can pair this t-shirt either with denim or with a pair of striped trousers.
  • Buy A Long Sleeve Top Which Has Cuffed Sleeves: Cuffed sleeves are so retro, yet so chic. A long sleeve top with cuffed sleeves is a great thing to own in your closet. These tops have smocked waists that add attractive details to the apparel. The cuffed sleeves look very smart. These tops can either be worn with trousers as formals, or one can sport them on a carefree Friday night with a pair of denim shorts.
  • Own A Long Sleeve Shirt With Checkered Pattern And A Black Collar: If you want everyone at your workplace to complement your Korean sense of fashion, this shirt is exactly what you need to flaunt what you’ve got. This checkered long sleeve shirt has a black collar and fun details at the back. They are just as funky as they are formal when they are worn with a pair of trousers. So, no matter where you go, you never run out of fashion ideas to flaunt!
  • Say It With A Knitted Dress: Do you love knitted garments? K-fashion trends have lots to offer you! You can embellish your wardrobe with a knitted dress which is black and has white stripes on both sides of the dress. The dress has a small v-shaped neck, which gives off a slim silhouette. This is an ideal pick for your much-awaited date night.
  • Bring Out The Magic Of Your Basic Round Neck Top: Never knew that basic round neck tops too could do wonders, right? Yes, a basic round neck t-shirt can also help you to keep the halo of Korean fashion ablaze! Koreans are very innovative when it comes to choosing a fashionable style statement. Another popular fashion trend of the Koreans is a long sleeve round neck top, which has a diagonal slit in the front- not something you would expect from your regular round neck tees!
  • Twirl Around In A Midi Cotton Dress: Korean dresses are not just about baggy t-shirts and ripped denim. You can also choose to twirl around in a long cotton dress and still sport the Korean fashion. A popular Korean fashion idea is a long sleeve dress made of cotton. The dress comes with a tie around the waist. While the top of the dress is available in shades of light greenish grey, the bottom is usually black. The waist pattern is unique. If you wear this dress at any gathering, you are sure to attract a lot of stares.
  • Sports A Cool Oversized Shirt With Stripes And A Tie Near The Back Collar: As most of the Korean fashion is inspired by street fashion, they wear a lot of baggy clothes. There is something very fashionable about this oversized shirt that has a perfect blend of stripes, both vertical and horizontal, and comes with a tie detail near the back collar. You can get all creative with the kind of knot that you tie your ribbons into. This shirt is simple, yet will make you look smart and class apart in your work meeting.
  • Put On A Long Dress With A Dash Of Quirky Side Pockets: Korean long dresses are a popular fashion trend. These dresses are available in a dual-tone. This dress is just as funky as it is girly. Surprisingly enough, this dress has side pockets! You can use this dress either as casual wear, or something that you can wear to work on a casual Friday.
  • A V-Neck Ruffled Design Top For A Relaxed Friday Mood: Clothes with ruffled texture are flowy, graceful, and extremely chic. Your Korean sense of style allows you the freedom to experiment with different style statements! You can put on a shirt that has a ruffled V-neck and elastic sleeves that offer great comfort. Wear this top to work, and you are definitely going to steal the thunder!
  • A Button-Up Shirt Cropped Near the Waist: You can also sport the Korean look with a plain black shirt that has cuffed sleeves and detailed designs near the waist. This, again, is another dress that can be used as both casual as well as formal wear.

If you are planning to ditch all the old clothes in your closet and replace them with new ones in order to satiate your desire for Korean fashion, this article will guide you through.