The Types Of Disability How Many Are There?

We have all known someone who has a disability, but do we know how many types of disability there are? No matter your answer, today we will talk about this topic to dispel all your doubts.

Are you ready? Let us begin!

What Are The Types Of Disabilities That Exist?

The first thing to understand before thinking about how many disabilities exist is that each one affects people in a different and very particular way.

Some disabilities may be hidden in plain sight or difficult to notice unless we know what we are looking for. So please pay close attention to the types of disabilities that we bring to you!

Motor Disability

Of the types of disability that exist, this is characterized by the partial or total decrease in the mobility (driving controls) of one or more members of your body, which translates into difficulty or impediment when performing various motor tasks, excellent motor skills.

This is because this kind of disability can generate uncontrolled movements, tremors, difficulty in coordination, reduced strength, among others.

What Are The Causes Of Motor Disability?

Some infectious processes such as poliomyelitis, rheumatic diseases such as cerebrovascular accidents or rheumatoid arthritis, and some neurological malformation.

Impaired Hearing (Auditory)

Of all the types of disability that exist, this corresponds to the total or partial loss of sound perception. To diagnose it, how much is perceived by each ear individually is evaluated.

It is said that a person is deaf when his hearing loss is total or profound, hearing loss if his hearing loss is partial, and his hearing can improve with the use of electronic devices such as hearing aids.

A very curious fact is distinguished from this disability: sign language is not universal, but instead that each country has its own set of signs and gestures.

What Are The Causes Of Hearing Impairment?

There usually are three causes of hearing impairment: the first and most common is genetics; secondly, there is the acquired (that is, acquired at some point in life, such as after an accident). Finally, there are congenital, which are prenatal, perinatal.

Visual Disability

There are approximately 280 million people who have a visual impairment globally, of which almost 40 million are blind, and more than 240 have low vision.

This is important because of the types of visual impairment, visual impairment is divided into two, and the first and most popular is a total loss of vision or blindness. The least known is partial decrease, which is, in fact, the most frequent.