Are You Thinking Of Chin Surgery? Here Is What You Need To Know About Chin Augmentation

Cosmetic surgeries are prevalent. Most people use this option to correct their visual appearance and move confidently in society. There are also other reasons why people go for cosmetic surgery. Women and men are cautious about their facial appearance and take cosmetic surgery as an option to improve their appearance. Doctors use different ways to make a man’s chin (ทําคางผู้ชาย, which is the term in Thai) in proportion to their face. You need to know some things about the man’s chin surgery.

Who Can Undergo Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation or chin surgery is for people with problems with their chin. 

  • Short Chin- Very Close To Lips
  • Cut Thin
  • Square Chin
  • Chin With Scars Because Of An Accident
  • Dimpled Chin
  • Jaw Bone Pulling Abnormally

A complete chin augmentation makes a man’s chin look perfect and forever gives him a manly look. 

What To Consider Before The Chin Surgery?

Having chin surgery is not a one-time event. A doctor or skin professional must consider various factors before performing the surgery. 

First, he will consider your forehead and hairline. Then, he will determine the space between your eyebrows and the tip of your nose. He will also evaluate whether the tip of the nose can be proportionate to the tip of your chin. After considering all this, the professional will determine the perfect way of surgery. 

Different Materials Used In Chin Surgery?

Professionals use different materials while performing chin augmentation. Fat transfer is one way the doctor corrects a man’s chin. It undoubtedly gives you a natural look in a non-surgical way, but it is not reliable, as your chin may take its original shape in the future. PMMA is also a customized implant; doctors use a 3D implant to implant a new chin. The doctor may also use e-PTFE material for the surgery. It easily adheres to the skin and provides a natural look to the patient. Silicone material is also widely used to augment skin and make a man’s chin.


Chin augmentation is one popular way for men to achieve the desired look. But it would always be wise to consult a specialist in that area. Ensure that he provides you with all the information about the surgery and prescribes the one you need most. Last but not least, follow the instructions advised by the doctor before and after the surgery.