Some important tips to maintain your little Frenchie

You may think you have a dog parenting routine, but are you giving your puppy the care it needs? Not sure how many foods or how often to feed your Frenchie dog? Your puppy’s age, breed and size are important when determining the amount and frequency of food it needs. Choose a food with a balance of nutrients and measure it according to the instructions next to the. He would eat all day if it was up to him, so portion control is important. He may be looking at you with those big eyes, but in fact he is only interested in what you are eating because you are the leader of the pack.


You must ensure that you give clean and fresh cold water to your French bulldog. This will encourage your dog to drink as much water as he needs. Dogs need about 30ml of water per pound of body weight. Consult with a vet if you want to know about the proportion of water you should give to him.

Exercise with your dog

Dogs need to be active every day. Make sure to keep your dog active every day. This can include walking or running, playing or just playing tug of war or hide and seek at home. Your dog may enjoy a more specific activity, depending on the breed he is. Some dogs like to walk or backpack. You know his personality better, so find what he loves and try to be part of your daily routine.

Bathing and grooming dogs

Brushing your dog regularly will not only get rid of unwanted hair that can get caught in your clothes or furniture, but it can also be a good way to check the health of your skin and hair. You can more easily find any parasites that may be hiding, such as ticks or fleas. It is also important to ensure that your dog keeps up to date with flea and tick medication to help prevent bites from these parasites.

Foot Care

If you are in an area with a hot pavement in the summer, always check your dog’s paws and keep them as clean as possible. You can buy a pair of canine boots to temporarily protect your paws for them to recover. Special creams are useful for cases of cracked, dry or irritated paws. If you notice that your Frenchie licks its feet a lot, clean them with a mild pet soap.