Soberlink: The Best Alcohol Monitoring Solution for Sobriety

Soberlink is a company that offers a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system for people who want to recover from alcohol addiction or comply with legal or professional requirements. The system consists of a portable device that measures the breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of the user and sends the results in real-time to designated individuals, such as family members, friends, therapists, or employers. The device also uses facial recognition technology to verify the identity of the user and prevent tampering. If you want to buy first read more about soberlink reviews.

Soberlink device reviews have been largely positive, with many users praising the device for its accuracy and ease of use. Users appreciate that they can use the device to monitor their alcohol intake in real-time, helping them stay accountable and avoid relapse.

How Soberlink works

The user has to take a breath test several times a day, depending on their schedule and agreement with their monitoring parties. The device has an electrochemical fuel-cell sensor that detects alcohol and does not respond to other substances. The device also has proprietary technologies that ensure that the breath sample comes from human breath and not from artificial or compressed air. If the device detects any attempt to manipulate the test, it will send an alert to the monitoring parties.

The device uses cellular coverage to transmit the test results to a cloud-based portal, where the monitoring parties can access them anytime. The device also stores the test results in case of poor cellular coverage and uploads them later when the coverage is restored. The device has a battery life of about 14 days and can be recharged with a USB cable.

Benefits of Soberlink

Soberlink can help people who struggle with alcohol addiction to stay accountable and motivated in their recovery process. By providing objective and reliable feedback on their sobriety, Soberlink can help them build trust and confidence with themselves and their monitoring parties. Soberlink can also help them avoid relapses and cope with triggers and cravings.

Soberlink can also help people who need to comply with legal or professional obligations related to alcohol use, such as family law cases, workplace compliance, or probation programs. By using Soberlink, they can demonstrate their commitment and responsibility to their monitoring parties and avoid negative consequences.

Cost of Soberlink

Soberlink offers two types of devices: Soberlink Connect and Soberlink Cellular. The Connect device requires a Wi-Fi connection to transmit the test results, while the Cellular device uses a built-in SIM card. The Connect device costs $499, while the Cellular device costs $599. Both devices require a 120-day commitment and a monthly service fee of $99.

Soberlink also offers discounts for longer-term commitments and financial assistance for eligible customers. Customers can contact Soberlink’s customer service team for more information on pricing and payment options.

Reviews about Soberlink

Soberlink has received positive reviews from both users and professionals in the fields of addiction recovery and family law. Users have praised Soberlink for helping them stay sober, rebuild trust with their loved ones, and improve their quality of life. Professionals have endorsed Soberlink for its accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Soberlink has also been featured in several publications and studies on alcohol monitoring technology.