How to throw a Trouble-Free bucks night

Women and men celebrating with drinks in a limousine car, focus on the alcohol bottle

Being asked to be someone’s best man might be a serious honour. That shortly fizzles out once the enormity of the whole thing becomes clearer. It is no wonder some people try hard to turn down the offer. The weight of the responsibility to organise an epic bucks party can be too heavy to bear which is why  a lot of people choose to decline the offer. 

If you don’t want the hassle of organising a bucks night and you‘d rather not deal with friendship politics, or be saddled with bookings, vetting strip clubs or chasing down payments from everyone who had promised to chip in, you might want to use and event organiser. It doesn’t have to be hard to organise a trouble-free buck party

The first thing you should do is to speak to the groom and find out what kind of bucks party he would like to have. You might be the best man but the bucks night is not about you. 

Find out as early as possible who the buck would like to invite to their party.  Get their contact details and start early on communicating with them. Try keeping the guest list as small as possible. Start with everyone who is going to be in the wedding party, make sure all the closest friends and family members are invited. 

Once you’ve had a chance to plan the event, you’ll have to communicate the information to the entire group. 

You can create a Facebook page or a WhatsApp group where you can communicate with everyone and can update everyone about the progress of the plans and how much everything is going to cost. The financial side of planning such an event can be tricky, especially if the groom isn’t the one footing the bill. You might be set on a party in Bali but that might cost more than some people can afford or would be comfortable with. Work out a budget for the event and allocate it as early as possible. To make things easier, take one of those bucks party packages Melbourne places. They will work out a price for all the events that and handle all the aspects of planning and execution. Strip clubs also offer packages where for one price you can enjoy watching strippers perform, enjoy some bubbly and more.

Avoid travelling abroad if you can. It puts undue pressure on the organiser. You become responsible for everyone. You have to book flights for them, take care of where they’ll be sleeping, make sure they don’t miss their flights.  

Make the itinerary for the group. List the events and where they will be taking place. Let everyone .know in advance about transport arrangement, etc.  If you are going to make a weekend out of it, there are bucks party packages Melbourne that will have day time activities and night time activities. These should be things that everyone will find fun to do. Activities like paintballing help with team building. Enlist an assistant from the group that has been invited to help you so everything doesn’t fall on one person. 

Don’t think of the event as just another night out with the guys. Add something a little personal like an old photograph of you with the groom in your early years. Think about creating a goody bag with something personalise that they can keep as a memento of what happened.