How to conduct interactive classes using teacher app.

Believe it or not, the online methods and the educational applications are a blessing for the teachers. These teacher’s apps make it easier for the tutors to impart knowledge in a fun and interactive way. In spite of this, there are various teachers who are still struggling to make their classes interesting and promote active learning. In such a case, it is natural to search for some tips to make your classes more interactive with the help of the teacher app. So, just for you, here are the tips below.

  • Select a future ready teacher app — The first step to make any of your classes interesting is get future ready teachers app. There is a huge rush and cluster of the teachers applications online  and selecting the best one from this is really a task. So, look for various features like class recording system, excellent level of security, online submissions, automated reply mode and so on. And if you can share some links for the video lectures and puzzles online, then it is all the more interesting for your students. Once you get your hands on the best teacher app, half of the battle is already won.
  • Promote interactive learning — Another essential aspect of online classes is promoting interactive learning. By interactive learning we mean that giving a chance to your students to speak up their minds and provide the review of your classes. You can take turns in explaining the subject and providing presentation in the class. Also, the students can do a group project and present it in the class which again enhances their interest level. 
  • Try story telling method — We all love stories! Even if you are conducting an online class and you are presenting the subject to the students in a more theatrical way, it automatically grabs their attention and enhances their interests in the subject. You can try this in your online classes to make it fun and interesting.
  • Go for live lessons as well — Many of the teachers prefer providing per-recorded lectures to their students. This, though has multiple benefits, can sometimes make even an interesting subject boring. So, if you are one of those, you can try live streaming your classes so that you are active when your students are attending the lecture and you are interacting in a more fun and informal way with them.
  • Keep your lectures short — We understand you have to finish your prescribed portion in a certain amount of time. But this doesn’t mean that you have to rush with a chapter and subjects so that you can finish it before the dead line. Instead, you can try giving quality education to your students by keeping the lectures short and precise and interesting. This helps keeping them occupied throughout the lecture and anticipate for the next one.
  • Great network is important too — Many times the teachers are struggling to grasp the students attention because their network is not good. At least, you can try providing a better network coverage from your side. A good clarity of video and audio lecture also sparks the interest and attention of your students.