How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior?

Painting your house interior can be a huge job, especially if you paint all rooms at once. There are many different ways to go about repainting your home, and many people ask questions like ‘how often should I paint my house interior?’

Well, there isn’t a finite answer that everyone can live by. Each house is different and exposed to different elements that may affect the paintwork inside. Pets, smoking, children, air diffusers, room usage, dampness, and heat can all have impacts on the painting inside your home. Let’s take a look at some of these in detail.

Children are temperamental, no matter your parenting style. Many parents will have to endure ripped paint and drawing on walls which can mean you’ll need to repaint earlier than usual to keep your home looking clean and neat.

Additionally, as children grow up and they want to revamp their rooms, you may need to repaint sooner than expected. If the average temperature inside your home is above 80°F during the summer months, you could be damaging the interior of your house.

If you’re painting in hot temperatures, you may notice that the color or consistency of the paint is altered due to the evaporation of crucial chemicals in the paint. This should also be considered if you want to store excess paint around the house.

High temperatures can cause the paint on your walls to crack and loosen. Keeping your house at a lower ambient temperature can help to maintain the adhesive on paintwork and help your paint last longer. However, if you leave it too cold, you risk suffering from dampness – so be sure to find that sweet spot!

How much you’re using your room can also contribute to how frequently you should be repainting it.

The interior paintwork in adult bedrooms or guest rooms typically lasts longer than in other rooms because it is not subject to as much traffic as hallways, kitchens or children’s bedrooms.

Rooms with high levels of traffic typically see more cracks, scratches, and bumps than the lesser-used rooms, so keep an eye out for damaged paintwork in your most-used rooms.