How Are Truck Accidents Different from Other Motor Vehicle Accidents in Idaho?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicles with a truck classification have a higher rate of fatal collisions per mile traveled than other vehicles. Part of this is because trucks are often used for heavy hauling, and they weigh a lot more than a passenger vehicle in general. In 2016, the NHTSA found that 71% of all fatal collisions on US highways were caused by trucks.

 Truck accidents are different from other motor vehicle accidents in many ways. However, the first and foremost factor that makes truck accidents different from other road accidents is their highly devastating nature. The injuries from a truck accident can be a lot more severe than the injuries from other road accidents. Many factors contribute to the severity of injuries in a truck accident, including the size and load of trucks. One of the main problems with truck accidents is that the smallest vehicle involved in the accident and people inside them have a high risk for damages and injuries. Therefore, it is essential to hire a boise idaho auto accident lawyer, if you are involved in a truck accident.

Let us now see how truck accidents are different from other road accidents in Idaho.

  • Size 

In terms of size, truck accidents are different from other types of motor vehicle accidents. In a car accident, the passenger compartment of the car is pushed inwards by the impact, meaning that it might be safe for people to get out through a window. However, when a truck crashes into another truck or a car at high speeds, the force of the impact causes both trucks to push backward and forwards with each other before finally coming to a stop.

  • Load

Truck accidents are different from other motor vehicle accidents in terms of the amount and type of load. The size and weight of a truck can make it difficult for smaller vehicles to avoid an accident, and the cargo carried by the truck increase the severity and frequency of injuries in a crash. As trucks often carry hazardous materials such as chemicals or oil, they have the potential for causing more serious consequences when they collide with other vehicles.

  • Legal regulations

In general, truck accidents are different from other motor vehicle accidents in terms of legal regulations because commercial drivers are afforded strict liability for damages caused by their actions. As trucking companies operate on public roads, they also need to abide by different rules than other cars.