Tanah Lot the Sacred Temple and 5 Fancy Shopping Centers in Nusa Dua

Tanah Lot Temple has become an iconic feature and famous destination of Bali Island. It is perched on a large offshore rock. Tanah Lot is one of the sacred Hindu temples in Bali.

Because of its popularity, many visitors come here to enjoy the beauty of this temple. Also the unique location of this temple on a large rock is another reason why this temple never lacks visitors.

Temple de Tanah Lot is dedicated to Baruna or God of the Sea’s supernatural power, or Ida Sang Hyang Widhi with the needs to protect the ocean. On that large offshore rock, on the east side of the temple, there is one cave that has become the home of wild snakes.

One of the kinds of snakes that live there is Bungarus Candidus, which is a poisonous snake with black and white bands or rings along their bodies. The temple is sacred because of the belief from local people that the reptile is the incarnation of Dang Hyang Nirartha (a religious figure in Bali) shawl.

And lastly, the fascinating panoramic in the evening is suitable for photo hunters indeed. The sunset, the temple silhouette, and the beautiful sea around become a perfect combination to be captured.

Exclusive Shopping Center in Nusa Dua

Not only become an international event location, but Nusa Dua also has an exclusive shopping center, and these are five centre commercial Nusa Dua.

  1. Bali Collection

This place is a shopping and entertainment center in Nusa Dua. There is an open-air arcade with 37 fashion stores, 11 art stores, 17 specialty stores, 3 convenience stores, 7 spa, reflexology centers, and 21 food and beverage outlets here.

There is also a weekly live entertainment and traditional orchestral every Friday starting at 6 pm, making this place fun also for the kids.

  1. Sogo Department Store

This department store is quite spacious. Various international and local fashion brands are here. With the help of air conditioning, shopping activities will feel more relaxed. You can find cosmetic items, fragrances, clothes, accessories, toys, household appliances, and even Starbucks coffee shops here.

  1. Art Shop on Mengiat Beach Street

Art shops are lining up on both sides of the street, with various products on offer. There are batik and sarongs, tropical t-shirts with many motifs, wooden statues, kites, key chains and many more. Most importantly, in this market, visitors can bargain for the best prices.

  1. Hardy’s Nusa Dua Plaza

This place is suitable for you who are looking for raw food, especially for tourists who stay in Villas. Clothing stores and electronics retailers are also here. The ground floor serves Indonesian food side by side with a children’s play area. Meanwhile, stationery stores, toy stores, and fashion department stores are upstairs.

  1. Oakley Vault Nusa Dua

This official Oakley store in Bali offers Oakley products with the most enormous discounts in Indonesia. Here you can find the latest models of glasses, sporty clothes, footwear, watches, accessories, and choose eyeglass frames based on a prescription. The sale discount for certain items is up to 70%.

Visiting Tanah Lot Temple to capture the moment through photos, then strutting on shopping places in Nusa Dua. Quite a contrast, but both offer both sides of Bali tourism that is surely hard to forget.