6 Health Benefits from Burning Candles

Candles are more than just a decorative piece. Candles can be many things: an olfactory object, a time machine, or a therapeutic tool.

It’s true. Researchers have confirmed that burning candles has mental health benefits and some have found benefits in other ways via the use of spell candles. Although it may seem absurd, aromatherapy is the foundation of the science of candles for good health.

According to a 2016 study published in the peer-reviewed journal Scientia Pharmaceutical, there are approximately 300 active olfactory-receptor genes that “detected thousands of different fragrance molecules using a large family olfactory receiver.”

The study authors wrote that the sense of smell is important in the physiological effects of mood, stress, or working capacity.

Candle making emit specific scents that can create certain feelings in the body and mind. Using an electroencephalograph to record brain activity, the research “clearly revealed that fragrances significantly modulate the activities of different brain waves and are responsible for various states of the brain. Numerous scientific studies support the use of aromatherapy plants as a therapeutic option.

A candle’s warm glow can have many benefits for those who are trying to improve their sleep hygiene. A candle’s flame is better than a Smartphone’s blue light.

Even though it is no longer culturally necessary, candlelight at night can be a helpful way to calm the mind and give the eyes a digital respite.

Candles + Mental Health

We can control the energy and pace of our environment by introducing notes and scents to our space.

Here are some reasons to light candles as a form of sensory mental health therapy:

  1. Creates ambiance

The scent of candles can transform the atmosphere and change how we feel about space. A favorite way to create an atmosphere is to light a candle for meditation or a bathtub.

  1. Calm the Mind

Aroma therapeutic candles can be used to treat a variety of psychological and physiological disorders by using floral and herbal aromas such as geranium, lavender, and peppermint. Particularly popular are candles for anxiety and depression.

  1. Improves mood

Scented candles can help calm stress and reduce cortical levels. Some candles are specifically designed to stimulate chemicals in the brain like serotonin or dopamine to promote a positive mood.

  1. Memory Of Stimulates

Certain scents found in candles can increase memory. The limbic system, which is the brain’s part responsible for memory and emotion, is also known as the limbic system. According to The Harvard Gazette, scent, emotion, and memory are inexplicably intertwined.

  1. Supports a Restful Sleep

Candlelight evenings in the 21st century are extremely beneficial for natural sleep rhythms. Good sleep hygiene is about reducing blue light and disconnecting from technology at certain times each day.

  1. Creates Consistency

To help you relax and reflect, lighting candles can be a personal ritual. Psychologists believe that candles can have a positive impact on your mental health and can be used in conjunction with other well-being activities, such as journaling or doing yoga by candlelight.

A Brief History of Candles

Candles have a long and interesting history. Candles used for ceremonies have been a popular choice among nearly all religions. They are also used to light homes, honor lost people, and assist travelers at night.

Many types of non-wicked or wicked candles were developed by early civilizations using waxes from various animals, plants, and insects. The popularity of candles exploded in the 1990s. This led to new types of candle waxes being developed for the first-ever time in a century.

The Best Candle Wax

This wax burns more slowly than paraffin wax and eventually replaced it. Today, soy candles are the healthiest. The standard is natural wax candles with wicks made of braided cotton or paper with a cellulose core.

It is simple to light a candle, but it seems like something everyone can look forward to. Burning candles can have psychological benefits that promote joy, ease, and focus, as well as energy.