Frequent things people ask about getting braces in Singapore

Braces are dental tools that help correct many teeth problems like alignment issues, crowded or crooked teeth. The majority of people get braces when they are teenagers but there is still a percentage of adults with braces. Braces help to straighten and align the teeth to achieve a normal bite.

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1. How much braces cost in Singapore?

There are different types of braces in Singapore and the cost varies between the different types. In Singapore, there are 4 different types of braces that you can choose from, namely, metal braces, lingual braces, ceramic braces, and clear aligners. The most common and cheapest braces option would be the metal braces. The cost of it ranges from $3,000 to $6,000. Lingual braces are on the pricier side with a range of $8,000 to $12,00 as they are metal braces that attach to the back of your teeth. The ceramic braces range from $4,500 to $6,000 as the material cost is higher and requires more maintenance. The final braces, the clear aligners also fall on the expensive side ranging from $4,800 to $12,000.

2. Can MediSave be used for braces?

You will not be able to use MediSave for braces. Braces are deemed as a cosmetic procedure by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and are not a necessary surgical procedure.

3. Why are braces so expensive in Singapore?

Braces are expensive as it is not as simple as it looks, there is various mechanism build in them to facilitate tooth movement. Getting braces requires a lot of knowledge and skills to move your teeth in a position that will not harm the surrounding structure of your mouth. This would require a very skilled professional with years of experience and knowledge. Braces are also expensive due to the countless visits to the orthodontist to check up on the progress of the braces. Therefore, if you manage to get braces for cheap, there might be some problems disguised in there.

4. When should I get braces?

There are a few symptoms that indicate when you will need braces. This includes the teeth being visibly crooked or crowded, difficulty pronouncing certain sounds, teeth that don’t close over each other properly when the mouth is at rest, and more. The best age to get braces would be during early childhood.

5. Do braces make your lips bigger?

No, braces do not make your lips look bigger. It is just an illusion of your lips getting bigger due to something being placed on your teeth.When wearing traditional braces using the bracket and wire system, it will change the position of your lips, making to move outwards. However, there is no need to worry as this effect is not permanent.

6. Are braces painful?

In general, getting braces does not hurt. However, there are some procedures during the entire braces process that might cause some discomfort or slight pain. When getting your braces for the first time, you might develop some pain and soreness due to the pressure of the wires and rubber bands straightening your teeth. It might take some time for the pain to go away as your teeth get used to the pressure. Other than that, during the tightening of your braces, you will feel discomfort and/or slight pain for a few days. It would not be as bad as the first time and it can be easily solved with pain medications. Braces pains are usually tolerable with the help of over-the-counter pain medication.