Tips for Traveling With Your Vape Device

Travelling is one of the best ways to take a break from your routine and learn something new about different places and cultures along the way. So whether you’re going on a short trip or planning to travel around the world for a few months, it’s crucial to prepare for the journey and bring the essentials and possessions that will make your life as a tourist easier.

Although you probably won’t bring an air fryer or a collection of your favourite books to your journey, you still have to pack must-haves you can keep at hand to improve your travel experience. For vapers, that means packing the favourite vaping gear to ensure you can always have a relaxing vape session wherever you go. So, let’s take a look at some tips for travelling with your vape device.

Take a look at the airport smoking rules

When travelling by plane, you’ll definitely manage to find a designated place for smoking at the airport where you can vape while waiting for your next flight. Still, it’s essential to follow the vaping rules. There are some places where smoking isn’t allowed, and sadly, that also applies to vaping. So, to avoid getting in trouble, be sure to take a look at the airport rules before enjoying a vaping session.

Be smart with packing

Seeing that your vaping device is damaged after arriving at your destination can easily ruin your vacation. To keep your device intact and prevent any type of wear and tear, it would be best to carefully pack your device in a secure box or a bag. Leaking vape juice will undoubtedly affect the effectiveness of your vaping device, but it will also leave stains on your clothes and suitcase. If possible, find a protective bag for your vaping device, and ensure there are no leaks before putting the device in your bag.

Understand the elevation changes

At high altitudes, there’s a chance that the rising air will force the vaping liquid out of the e-juice container. Therefore, before getting on an airplane, be sure to empty all containers and clean your vaping device. Although you won’t be able to manually empty all containers, you can fix this issue by partially filling them before going on a vacation, and vaping before going on board to empty the cartridge.


If you’re going on a long journey, it would be best to restock your e-juice supplies. That is especially important if you’re using a particular brand or flavours. There’s nothing worse than finding out that you can’t find your favourite e-juice at the place you’re currently staying at, which is why it’s advisable to check how many containers of nicotine vape juice and flavours you can take on your next trip.

That way, you’ll always have enough in your stock, and you won’t have to worry about running out of your vape juice anymore. In addition to that, check whether you can order vape juice online, in case the amount you can take on your next flight is not enough to meet your vaping needs.

Become familiar with the local laws

Many countries have specific laws related to vaping, and just because you can vape anywhere you want in your country, it doesn’t mean you can use your vaping device freely wherever you go. Therefore, become familiar with local laws and regulations to avoid any trouble. Some nations have even completely banned vaping, and some only prohibit vaping in cars, buses or public places.

In addition to that, understanding the local laws lies entirely on you. You don’t want to end up being that traveller who has to pay a fine for enjoying vaping sessions. Moreover, authorities can even confiscate your vaping gear if you’re vaping in a place where vaping is not allowed, so please stay informed, and you’ll manage to avoid these uncomfortable situations.


With these tips, travelling with your vape device can become a much more pleasurable experience. Be sure to protect your vaping gear while travelling and restock your vape juice, and you’ll be good to go. More importantly, do what’s necessary to avoid paying hefty fines and learn all the rules before travelling to a foreign country.

On top of that, it would be best to invest in a quality vape case for travel. As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to damage your vaping device while travelling, which is why it’s essential to find protective equipment that will make your vape coils and atomisers last longer.