5 Gifts Suitable For All Occasions 

Happiness is intangible. You can’t give happiness to someone. But, you can buy gifts for people and that’s kind of the same thing. Giving gifts brings immense happiness to both receiver and giver because gifts come attached with sentiments and nostalgia. Life gives us not one but many reasons to celebrate. And, when life gives you events to rejoice, it is best to do with meaningful gifts. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, festival or any other celebratory occasion, you are stricken with a dilemma about what to gift. Well, there are a few gifts that are suitable for all occasions and recipients. 

Let’s do away with the confusion and shine out with these gifts. 

  • Flowers are beautiful, lively and expressive; hence they are the best to give on any occasion. Their natural beauty and sense invigorating smell is bound to leave the receiver spellbound, no matter whether a man or a woman. Whatever you wish to convey, you can do it with flowers, flower bouquets, flower message boxes, etc. For example, Red or pink rose bunches for expressing romantic love and affection. Then, yellow roses for friendship. To prove your loyalty to a man, trust the aura of Daisies. Orchids are for making a royal statement. Taking a step further, you can for forever Roses to make someone believe in your eternal love for them. 
  • Cakes: Cakes and celebrations go hand-in-hand, said a wise man once. Cakes are a delicious beauty that when relished is sure to leave the recipient with a sweet taste. Available in different sizes, shapes, and flavours; cakes are undeniably the best gift for all occasions. If it’s a birthday, send the recipient a themed cake for the birthday party or a chocolate cake as it is the most popular birthday cake flavour. For celebrating milestones, you can choose a photo wedding anniversary cake or heart-shaped cake to make sweet love to your partner. Then for celebrating happiness, jar cakes or cupcakes can also be gifted. 
  • Plants: Green gifts are the best gifts. Plants have always been adored by mankind, but recently it has been seen that more and more people are choosing to give plants as gifts. There is a reason for it. Firstly, they are beautiful. Secondly, they have a lot of benefits to offer, and thirdly they make home a wonderful place to live in. If the recipient is born with green thumbs, then you can give him/her any plant and it will be taken care of. However, if the recipient is a black thumb or has recently started to embrace the greenery around, go with low maintenance plants that are forgiving if neglected. 
  • Personalised Gifts: When talking about gifts, how can we not talk about the personalised gifts. They are the most versatile gifts. Any occasion, any recipient of any gender or age; personalised gifts work best for everyone. Trust us, when we say everyone. The best thing about personalised gifts being you can turn any token into a customized one. Get your gift say mug, plant vase, wine glasses, crockery, cushion, lamp, pen designed with name or pictures it is a personalised gift. As tiny as a keychain to the extravagant hampers, everything today is customizable with the help of advanced technology. 
  • Handmade Gifts: Second to personalised gifts are handmade gifts. Handmade gifts can also be personalised with pictures, names, and text messages. The only difference being they are handcrafted with hands using stationery. Many DIY tutorials are available online so you can make yourself as well the handmade gifts like explosion boxes, photo albums, 3D greeting cards, scrapbooks, shake cards, etc. If not, you can avail ready-to-made handmade gifts. Other handmade gifts include ring dishes, homemade candles, mason jar decor pieces, etc. 
  • Paintings: Wall painting is a unique and memorable gift that evokes emotion in the deepest sense. When we look at art, our conscious and subconscious mind instinctively merges to trigger a natural reaction.Along with the artist’s ability to manipulate a particular art style, the emotional reaction of a painting also contributes to its perceived value and beauty. That makes sense to us.When choosing art as a gift, keep the recipient in mind and remind them and invest in art that suits their unique style. For example if your friend is starting his new  business, then you can present contemporary art.Or if the person is a nature lover, then you can present the landscape painting. If your intuition tells you to go with a particular area, it is usually the best choice!

So, these were the five gift categories suitable for all occasions and recipients. When nothing creative comes to your mind, go with these traditional choices and it will surely do the magic for you. Do read these carefully, search for more options of these categories and impress your dear ones with your gifts.