Advantages of Solving Sample GMAT Question Papers During Your Prep

If you have planned to take the GMAT exam, you need to be thoroughly prepared to score well. The first thing that you should do is come up with a smart study plan. One very essential thing that should be included in your study plan is solving GMAT sample question papers. It is imperative to do so as this gives you an idea of what was asked and how they were asked in previous exams, thereby, making your preparation a lot easier. 

In this article we will tell how helpful sample GMAT question papers are for your preparation, so read on. 

How Helpful are Sample GMAT Questions for Your Prep

Sample GMAT questions give you an overall idea of the exam pattern, what kind of questions can be asked and more. Solving these question papers gives you an opportunity to become well-versed with the GMAT exam. Moreover, as you solve each section or questions, you will be able to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, attempting sample GMAT questions helps you analyse the time taken to complete each question, thereby, helping you improve your speed where needed. 

Remember that getting a good GMAT score increases your chances of gaining admissions into the university of your preference, so you will have to spend sufficient time solving these questions. You can download GMAT question paper pdfs from authentic sources like the official website of GMAT). Solving these question papers regularly will help you to become familiar with the varying difficulty levels of the questions in each section of the exam.

It is also recommended that you solve these sample question papers at each stage of your preparation. First, before you commence your preparation so that you can gain a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, next you can attempt these question papers when you are halfway through the preparation phase. Here you will now know which areas need improvement to achieve your targeted score. Once you are fully prepared, attempt these question papers to fully comprehend your performance. 

There are various types of questions which you will encounter under each section of the GMAT sample question paper and we have listed them in the table below.

Integrated Reasoning –  Multi-source Reasoning, Two-part analysis, Table Analysis, and Graphics interpretation
Analytical Writing – Analysis of an Argument
Verbal Reasoning – Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, and Critical Reasoning
Quantitative Reasoning – Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency 

In conclusion we would say that do include solving sample GMAT question papers in your plan. Allot a few hours in the weekdays for it or maybe allot a certain time for it on weekends. This step is crucial for your preparation, so make sure not to skip it. All the best!