What Do I Buy Someone Who Has Everything?

What should I buy him/her? The question appears when you have a friend whose birthday is coming, but he/she is born from a wealthy family. The answer is different based on what you want to buy because even if he/she has everything, he/she will still appreciate your gift even if it’s cheap because the intention is what counts. Since they could buy everything, try to avoid things like clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, or a phone if you’re thinking about getting them one. You better buy them something that can hold a special and deep meaning when you give them. For example, chocolate, doll, flower bouquets, a small music box, a hand-crafted photo frame, and a hand-painted photo of him/her. Other ideas would be experiences that they haven’t done yet, such as wine tasting, watching some modern music or classical opera, skydiving or bungee jumping, and whitewater rafting.

If you think about buying them chocolate, you could get a medium-range price one, not the cheap one, such as Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, Cadbury, or Toblerone. Or if you know they like a specific brand of chocolate, then go buy one, you could get them at your nearest supermarket. You can also make it special by ordering a chocolate bouquet. One of the online stores that provide it is FlowerAdvisor.

If you are thinking about buying them a doll, you don’t need to buy a big one because it is not convenient. And to buy a doll, you need to check their age. If they are still a kid (around 10-14), you can buy a big size one because kids tend to hug a doll when they sleep. If they were a teenager (around 15-19), you can buy a medium-size one because they like it to decorate their desk or bed. If they are an adult (around 20-27), you can buy a small or medium-size one because they need the memories and deep meaning rather than the size and price, you can buy them at a doll shop or some toys store.

If you are thinking about buying them a flower bouquet, make sure you understand your feelings toward them. Is it love towards the opposite gender, family, or friends? If your feeling is towards the opposite gender, buy them a Baby Breath, Carnation, Lavender, Red Rose / Blue Rose, Morning Glory, Red Tulip, or White Jasmine. You could buy them from gift delivery Singapore. You could also send a message through them and ask what kind of flower is best to give as a present.

Suppose you think about giving them a hand-crafted gift. In that case, you could try to look it up from the internet, youtube, or maybe some other social media which contain a piece of information about how to make it yourself. Or if you’re thinking of buying them something, you could search it from social media such as Instagram or Facebook. However, it is better to make the gift yourself rather than buying it because it could be more meaningful.

If you think about buying them a hand-crafted photo frame, you could find a carpenter specializing not in making furniture but making a photo frame. The result would be much more delicate than an ordinary carpenter. You could search it online to find the nearest and best place.

If you are thinking about getting them to go wine tasting, make sure to learn a bit about it. It would be an advantage for when you both are going to the wine tasting. From the wine tasting, you can learn about what kind there are, so you can find it online. Take some class or go to a winery near your area to get a head-on about it.

If you think about watching a modern music show / classical opera, make sure you know what kind of music they like, hip-hop, rap, rock, pop, blues, jazz, or acoustics. For this one, you don’t need to take a class. You just need to search it up online, find a proper ticket seller or official website to buy it, and make sure to set the date when you both are available.

If you like an extreme adventure such as skydiving or bungee jumping, you could ask them to come along. Ensure they don’t have a disease that may cause them to faint or the symptoms to appear when their adrenaline is high, such as asthma, heart attack, or fear of height (acrophobia). Look for an ordinary one rather than an extreme one, so from there you could look at their expression and impression, if they like it, you could ask them to go to a different place for your next trip.

If you like to do an outdoor adventure, you could ask them to go whitewater rafting with you. This activity needs more than two people on each raft, you may end up with a stranger or with your friends when you do whitewater rafting. There are almost no romantic times if you go with your lover, but the experience is still what counts. To do this activity, you may need to learn it online and offline, as it may look simple, but just make sure you’re on the safe side, better to watch properly when the instructor is explaining how or what to do when something goes off.

If you both like to do gardening activities, you could make a small patch from your yard, either it’s yours or his/her house, and get a plant delivery Singapore. It may take time to see the flower bloom, but that’s the point. You could get a new thing to talk about when you both meet. You could get a new thing to look at when you go to the yard.

As we all know, no human in this world’s got everything in their life, it’s just they have the cash to get it. So be smart and get to know them better to impress them.