What Watchband does the Watch Look Good With?

When buying a watch, many users focus on itself and ignore the equally important strap. The strap is a very important factor. In this article, we would like to introduce some ideas on how to match the different watchbands. We hope that you will find your preferred strap in this article.

Firstly, metal straps. People always think that a steel watch goes with a steel band and a gold watch with a gold band. But the most traditional steel bands don’t work on smart watches. The temperament of a steel band is more suited to a mature person. Smart watches that are youthful and energetic are not suitable for metal bands. The advantages of metal bands are obvious: sturdy, durable and waterproof. But they are cool to the touch and can easily stain.

The second is Lanminnis strap. Lanminnis strap has a much softer temperament and is fashionable. This watchband has an infinite number of color combinations. The classic is black and red color matching, which is suitable for clothes of any color. It belongs to versatile style. The watchband adopts magnetic attraction, which is convenient to adjust and durable. And it is comfortable to wear. The disadvantage is that it will fade slightly after a long time.

The third is leather straps. The general colors of leather straps are brown or red and black. This watchband is comfortable to wear and has a high color value. The disadvantage is that it is hot in summer and it is not waterproof. If you touch water, its life will be greatly reduced and it is easy to damage.

The fourth is a rubber watchband. This watchband is characterized by versatility. Both traditional watches and smart watches are suitable for black rubber watchbands. The advantages are comfortable to wear, perspiration groove, waterproof and corrosion resistance. If you buy HONOR Watch Magic, it is suitable.

The last one is the canvas watchband. Canvas watchband is suitable for sports watches. If you buy HONOR Watch Magic, it is suitable to match such a watchband. The advantage is that it is breathable and waterproof, strong and durable. There are many colors that can be matched.

The above is the analysis of watchbands in this article. Each user can purchase a suitable watchband according to actual situation. I hope this article can bring help to all users.