Why do you need to do a pre-purchase building inspection?

In this article, we will discuss why do you need to do a pre-purchase building inspection Newcastle.

Also, we will discuss building horror stories of the past and what are things need to be inspected.

Why do you need to buy a pre-purchase building inspection?

If you are looking to buy your dream house or a ready-made house in the market.

Then it is a good thing to buy a pre-purchase building inspection to check the property.

This means that you should see if the building is incorrect shape, size and check for damages.

Many people think that this is like a formality and is not necessary to do when you buy a home.

This is wrong as sometimes there might be hidden things which are damaged at home.

It is better to get them checked out and repaired before it causes any kind of trouble.

Given below is the list of many reasons why you should commit inspection of your home.

  •  You become aware of risk and hazard

All the buildings have some risks and hazards that are minimizing them should be your idea.

If you do this service and take care of any damage or hazard, then you are free from any kind of danger.

  •  Hazard is evaluated properly

Several factors can make or break the experience that you have in your new home.

There can be several damages that can be found out very easily by taking this service.

  •  It can help you stay away from a bad purchase

If the building looks good on the outside can be damaged from the inside, and it keeps you safe.

  •  It increases negotiating power

If you do this kind of inspection and find something wrong, then you have a choice of buying or cancel it.

  •  You know about the cost of repairs

After conducting this kind of inspection, you will know the total damage and the cost to repair them.

What are some building horror stories that have happened in the past?

Given below is the list of some building horror stories that have happened in the past.

  •  The 2016 Asbestos issue

Asbestos is a health hazard that can cause different kinds of respiratory problems if it enters your system.

It was discovered that different buildings and homes in Australia had this kind of disease in the year 2016.

  •  Australia’s water damage court battle

Water damage was the case of a person that had brought a new house, and it has leakage problems.

They had to remove multiple things from their house due to the damage that has been caused.

Also, they had done a case against the house owner about not repairing the house properly before selling.

  •  The west Connex cracks

There was a building in West Connex in Sydney that has large visible cracks in its walls.

When the residents woke up, they could see cracks in their walls and also their tiles.

There was a risk of building collapse, and residents were told to evacuate.