What are the factors to focus on when buying a water pump?

The water system of any residence requires a water pump and a storage tank along with a source from where the water is collected, stored, and pumped up to various outlets. In your residence, if you’ve got a requirement of replacing the old water pump or install a new Domestic water pump, you need to focus on the brand name, horsepower, inlet size, flow rate, quality of the pump, etc.

Unlike commercial pumps such as agricultural pumps, borewell compressor pumps, pressure booster pumps, and submersible pumps, the domestic centrifugal pumps have comparatively low pressure however, work efficiently for regular domestic water usage.

Before, you’re off to shop for a domestic water pump, do consider a couple of pointers discussed in the following—

  1. Know the purpose of your water pump 

Firstly, you being a consumer should have done proper homework before hastily buying a water pump for your residential use. Know the regular water use before buying the pump. Usually, homeowners go for a standard performance domestic water pump ensuring superior performance to lift water. You should also check the technical part considering the size and the number of floors in your home.

  1. Talk to an expert before buying the water pump

If you lack knowledge of understanding to select the ideal water pump, fix an interview with a highly experienced plumber in your locale and ask the professional to inspect your house and recommend you the best water pump for regular use.

  1. Buy high-quality gardening pumps

For your garden water fountain, buy the decently performing and branded Water feature pump ensuring long life with its anti-corrosion steel body and adjustable setup pressure.

  1. Go for a renowned pump manufacturing brand for the best post-sales services

As water pumps are costly devices, it is strongly recommended to purchase the product from a reliable brand selling water pumps for ages.

Get the signed and stamped 12 months warranty card for replacement of various body parts for free of cost within this tenure.

Also, take a close look at the technical specifications and buy the necessary accessories for the best performance of the pump.