Tips to Help Buy a Pre-Owned Car from Japan

Japanese cars rank high on the wish list of people who look for wheels in the used car segment. Cars from Japan are known for their features that offer style, comfort, and affordable prices. Now, this sounds like a lucrative deal. Grab the first opportunity to be in the driver’s seat with a high-performance pre-owned car exported from authentic manufacturers in Japan.

Getting a high-quality, top-model used Japanese car exported to your home country is simple. All you need to do is search on the net for a reliable car dealer who completes the formalities for you.

Let’s see how it all works.

Why a pre-owned car is a fabulous option for buyers?

You must be wondering “why used vehicle?” The reason is evident; second-hand Japanese cars are a viable choice for many four-wheeler fanatics world over. The top-quality high-end cars offer incredible value for money as they are available at a fraction of a new car price.

So you see you are getting a better deal on wheels by importing pre-owned cars from Japan. All that you need to do is get in touch with a reliable car dealer. Choose your wheels and leave the process into safe hands.

Tips for finding a used car from Japan 

Here are some guidelines to get your desired vehicle from Japan.

1 – Locate an exporter

Search for a reputable exporter who deals in the used car segment. Select the one that has years of experience, is registered, and has more than one ways to communicate, email, telephone, address, etc. Also check about auctions houses, memberships and affiliations, etc. The exporter will have a trustworthy network of dealerships who deal in pre-owned Japanese cars.

2 – Check the rates 

Go through the websites of two or three exporters. Find out about the cars they deal in. read the details of pricing. Compare all the rates. If rates are not displayed, get in touch and get the quotes. Choose one among them.

3 – Your requirements and budget  

You can visit the dealership website to narrow down on preferred choices as per your list of features needed, price range, or car models. The dealer will also check the preferred car for quality, safety, engine health, and performance.

4 – Payment terms 

Go through the modes of payment. If you have any doubts, call and ask as many questions as you can. It is the best way to clear all your doubts. Once you get an assurance, go ahead with the process.

6 – The bidding part 

If you are buying your vehicle through an auction, your dealer will be doing the bidding on your behalf. Your exporter or dealer will participate in these auctions as he is registered to do so. He will negotiate smartly so that you get the car your desire within the bid limit amount.

7 – Shipment and clearance 

All documents that relate to shipment, customs, and clearances, are sent by your exporter to your address, by courier.

8 – The delivery 

Expect the delivery of your car within three to six weeks, at the destination port. Check for arrival date and take the delivery from your country’s port. The dealership will handle the paperwork for both ends – Japan port as well as your destination port.


These tips will enlist the steps you need to take to own a top-class car exported directly from Japan.