Stop the Violence and Get the Justice You Deserve

Self-portrait photograph shared on the Instagram feed of @covid19_photos_for_teens in March 2020. Theme: black and white portraits Title: Quarantine Creator: @_girl_from_pluto Caption: How much longer must I be imprisoned with my own thoughts Sophia (@shots_by_sophia) lives in Seattle, and is an avid 16-year old social media user. She was ecstatic to hear that she would have no school or homework for over a month because of the coronavirus crisis; however, it wasn’t until about two days in when she started to feel the effects of not being able to see her friends. Lots of teens were searching for a way to express themselves through their photographs and be creative during this unique time. All shared a thirst for new inspiration and the tenacity to continue documenting their lives with our photographs. Using Instagram's messaging system, a small group of teen photographers was formed and created Covid-19 Photos For Teens on 16 March 2020. They are a group of 15 boys and girls from places such as Denmark, India, Canada, and the US. Covid-19 Photos For Teens is becoming known for their positive outlook on current situations. Their Instagram posts encourage kids to support, create, and inspire one another. See Sophia's story:

One of the things that became a common story in the news is the stories of people who became victims of violence. Many people went through damage, hurt, and even attempted killing. It is alarming and sad to discover these stories in the television, newspaper, and most notably on the social media platform.

The question is, when will these kinds of violence stop?

Those individuals who became victims of such crimes and painful situations did not know where they could run to and how they could surpass it. It is because of the lack of support from people who should be there. But most of the time, things happened unexpectedly, and regret is always at the end of every tragedy and painful circumstance. It is a very common story for many individuals around the world.

Stop The Violence

Any kind or form of violence is unlawful. It is because no one has the right to hurt or damage anyone. No law dictates that people have the freedom to hurt other people. Sadly, these are the kinds of stories that today’s generation is hearing and witnessing in these modern times.

There are many types of violence that many people facing today, and some of these are:

  • Verbal violence
  • Psychological violence
  • Emotional violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Physical violence
  • Cultural violence

These are some of the topics that most people are hearing in the news today. It is the true picture of the life of many people today in this modern society. It is painful to know, most notably for the lawyers who deal with this kind of case every day of their lives.

In stopping this kind of violence, the victims must be afraid to stand up and fight for their rights. They do not have to worry because there are lawyers who are willing to help and guide them to seek the justice they deserve.

The Deserved Justice For Victims

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