Six Things – To Choose The Right IAS Coaching In India

With a success probability of just 0.2%, UPSC lives up to its name as the toughest exam in India. No surprise then, that most toppers recommend you join a coaching institute to clear the exam.

But with multiple institutions mushrooming all around India, all claiming to be #1, it can be tricky to choose the best IAS coaching in India.

It’s time to look beyond just the UPSC coaching fees. Here are 6 factors to look for zeroing in on the right UPSC coaching for you.

  • Student Feedback

Many institutes advertise themselves as #1 but don’t just take their word for it. The best way to know if the coaching is effective or not is to take students’ advice. It’s worth it to track down both previous and current students of the institution for accurate feedback. You can get details such as the actual class timings, whether the teachers are good problem-solvers, and if their essay test series UPSC compatible or not.

  • Snoop Around Some Faculty Information

All UPSC coaching centres have good faculty on board, but the best IAS coaching in India will have faculties who have a unique set of skills that can help you move ahead in your career path.

It will be worthwhile to find out if the faculty is good at clearing doubts, giving individualized attention to the students, and are free after class for doubt solving.

  • Take A Demo Class

IAS coaching requires a whopping amount of money, so it’s always better to take your posh class on a test drive before buying your seat there. Most IAS coaching institutes understand the value of this and offer one to two demo classes complementary.

So do try out a couple before zeroing in on one.

  • Get A Detailed Itinerary Of The UPSC Coaching Fees

Of course, your dream of joining coaching will come true only when you can afford it.

Don’t go on the face value advertised by the coaching. Instead, approach them and ask for a detailed itinerary for the plan you choose to go with. Be aware of phony service charges, and additional GST charges, which are almost always levied.

  • Check If Their Essay Test Series UPSC Interviews Are Up To Standard

Even if you choose to join just a test series, make sure that the plans available are up to standard. Some famous coaching institutes conduct free pan-Indian mock tests, which can be a great way to gauge the level of their exams.

Additionally, find out from previous students if the tutors are keen to correct your mistakes and tutor you personally regarding the corrections.

  • Make Sure That The Coaching Suits Your Timings & Purpose

Not all of us have the privilege to leave our jobs for coaching. Some of us are pursuing our IAS dreams while simultaneously completing our degrees, or being the bread earners for our homes.

This is why it is essential to find out if the coaching timings match yours. It is also important to find out if your tutors are available for problem-solving at a time that is convenient for you.

Even if you’re preparing for the exam full time, it is essential to find out if the coaching gives you ample time to study on your own. Because ultimately, the secret to cracking India’s toughest exam is constant revision.

In conclusion, it is a common occurrence where coaching institutions become aloof and uninteresting in their students once they receive the fee money.  The above points will help you pick a coaching centre that will help you grow as an individual student and ultimately help you crack the exam!