Logo Mats Can Help Your Brand And Business

If you believe your business may benefit from a boost, logo mats could be an option you hadn’t previously considered. These entry mats are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and materials, ranging from coir to rubber-backed, and they may be customized to feature your logo while complementing the color scheme of your organization and premises. And, whether you buy or rent your entry mats, Logo Mats provide several benefits to your business that go beyond simply being something to set on the floor – some of which may surprise you!

What Are The Advantages Of Logo Mats?

When it comes to logo mats, you can expect a slew of benefits that make the investment in branded mats over unbranded mats more than justified.

Of course, branded commercial entrance mats provide all of the advantages of unbranded commercial entrance mats, including the ability to trap dirt and water, preventing filth and moisture from being tracked all over your flooring. This improves safety while lowering cleaning costs. However, there are further advantages.

These are some examples:

Increasing Brand Familiarity And Awareness

Logo entrance mats play an important function in branding your firm and creating a visual identity. And they make an excellent first impression when people walk through your door, whether they’re customers in your retail establishment, guests at your hotel or entertainment venue, or prospective clients or employees visiting your company’s headquarters branch offices.

Visitors who notice sophisticated custom mats on their way in and out of your door are far more likely to recall your brand after they’ve departed. They, too, add to that all-important initial impression.

Increasing The Recall Value Of Your Brand

Anyone crossing your threshold will get a warmer welcome than would be possible with unbranded mats. So, why not include a clear welcome message for visitors during the design process?

A Nice Look

You can expect a personalized, professional look that is a great fit with the surroundings since you may adjust the color and style of your logo entry mats to both your brand and the décor of your premises

Instilling Self-Assurance

Smart-looking branded commercial mats instill trust in those who enter your building, from clients to staff and others. After all, if someone sees that you have business entry mats down pat, they are significantly more inclined to trust you with everything else.

Have You Decided On Logo Mats? Here’s What You Should Consider

You’ll want your entry mats to have the most possible impression. Here are some things to consider doing so:

Choose Contrasting Colors For The Backdrop And Logo

When selecting logo mats, make sure your design pops out as much as possible. One approach to accomplish this is to avoid having a dark logo against a dark backdrop. Typically, entry mats are darker in color to disguise dirt. If your logo is likewise in comparable colors, you’ll need the help of a designer or a logo mat firm. They may brighten your logo for you so that it stands out on your commercial mats as it should.

More Is Less! Don’t Stuff Your Welcome Mat With Information

It’s a terrific idea to include a welcome message or two on your customized business mats. However, the more letters and information you try to stuff in, the less noticeable it will be. So try to keep your information as brief as possible. If you add patterns to your logo, keep them basic so they don’t distract from the core message.

The Location

Consider carefully where you will place your entry mats. Coir logo mats are more durable and will retain dirt when visitors wash their feet on their way in if placed on the pavement or immediately outside your door; coir may be more expensive, but branded mats made of this material are quite durable. In other cases, a strong, vivid design for your custom mats may be preferred.