Learn how 11 wickets enrol players undergo a strict authentication process

The online gaming landscape has left no stones unturned for players to emerge and rise as a professional. While some choose gaming as a sheer source of entertainment, others opt for this field on professional levels. Meaning, they acquire professional acumen and insights into the gameplay to win real money. Talking about real money without including confidential information like bank account details and other documents becomes a necessity. This is where the role of security comes into the forefront. Apps like GetMega are India’s best real money gaming platform with a truly unique entertainment experience.

Whenever the question of protecting your documents comes into being, the concept is followed by strict authentications. Now, who would ever want to see their personal IDs getting public? The answer is no one! As no one can compromise on the quality, it becomes imperative for the skill-based gaming applications to ensure encrypted websites alongside several privacy policies. It might be one reason why strict authentication is required. Other reasons why app developers incorporate strong authentication processes are:

  • Ensuring no bots are used while playing
  • Assuring that the application only allows real players
  • Increasing the challenges of winning; and more

For the fantasy sports gaming application, it is imperative to undergo a strict authentication procedure. The reason that it lets you win real cash is something unavoidable. It is another reason why strict authentication is required. Besides, some states in India do not allow people to play these games because they think these games are illegal as they are money-centric. For such a reason, it becomes important to provide your personal details besides the valid account details too. GetMega is the best of skill-based games in Cards, Casual, and Trivia with real money prizes. GetMega allows only 100% verified profiles and features only legal, skill-based games.

That’s the reason why 11 Wickets provides an extensive yet accessible enrolment process. Just in case you think of registering your name with the app for the very first time, you get asked to authenticate through social media profile, email, and Google. In simpler words, their authentication process is strict. To provide a strong authentication process, besides asking your email address, social media address, and other necessities, the app developers include the essentials as mentioned in the given steps:

Steps to follow for registering at 11 Wickets and playing the fantasy sports securely

To follow the steps, continue reading on.

STEP 1: The first thing you need to consider is entering the username, mobile number, and email address. The next thing that you can follow is to enter the referral if there are any! You need to click the next button before proceeding with the next step as soon as you complete the first one.

STEP 2: The next step you need to follow is to enter the OTP that you receive on your mobile number. This is a kind of verification that you need to perform. Otherwise, the app won’t take your registration as a valid one. After you enter the OTP, now’s the time to set a strong password. Before playing, it is imperative to create the 11 Wicket account and play accordingly.

Summing up

11 Wickets will take you to a universe of fantasy gaming where you can acquire professional acumen and knowledge about fantasy football, cricket, Kabaddi, and more. By practising these games, you can win and earn real cash accordingly.

For sports enthusiasts, 11 wickets have brought a multitude of exciting features – starting from an intuitive UI, intriguing gameplay, captivating gaming experience, and much more. So, would it be exciting to experience such an incredible fantasy gaming experience? The only thing you need to follow is to undergo 11 wickets’ strict authentication procedure! So, download 11 wickets today and enjoy amazing services!