It can promise to compensate 100% of the total amount.

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You can also submit data through telegram as well as kakao talk. 

If you see in the events an unfair behavior or crime, dishonest is done then you may complain it via telegram. They will help as well as reimbursement did for you unconditionally. 

Yet there is no repayment or profit for users who break a law, regulations, or abuse as well as they will respond it strongly. 

There is the maximum bet limit on the sports is 2,000,000 won as well as in Mini-Games it is 2 million won. There are also win limits is available is the maximum win limit in sports is 5,000,000 won as well as 4,000,000 won on mini-games. 

On this website, we get various games. 

There is more website which offered you various kinds of games. But on this site, we get that kind of game which people is used there daily life also like baseball, basketball, volleyball as well as hockey. 

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