5 Best Tastiest Low-Calorie Cocktail Drinks to Order at Bar

Cocktails are a must when you go to a bar or any party. There is no fun about a party if there are no cocktails. But the people who are losing weight might face a few challenges. Many alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories. Therefore, cocktails can affect your diet, and you might face problems while losing weight. That is why low-calorie drinks are the best. Some people don’t even know that low-calorie alcoholic drink is a thing. Every bar has low-calorie drinks in its bar bottle coolers. All you have to do is order the best one for you. Typical cocktails usually have 200 to 600 calories. But these low-calorie drinks contain below 170. To help you out, we have mentioned the five most delicious low-calorie drinks you can order at a bar.

  1. Fresh Lime Tequila

The first drink we have is lime tequila. If you are a fan of citrus fruit cocktails, then you need to taste this one. This drink is suitable for all occasions. You can have this at a late-night party, beach day, or an afternoon. Most margaritas are rich in sugar, but this one contains less sugar. This Mexican-inspired cocktail has few calories, and the fresh lime juice makes it super delicious. It has 100% agave tequila, which means no artificial sugar sources.

  1. Light Beer

Some people argue light beers do not taste the same as high beer. But, if you are on a diet, you will have to sacrifice a few things. On the other hand, light beer doesn’t taste very bad. It only contains 95 calories, and it is cheap as well. The higher the alcohol level, the higher is the number of calories. Light beer is also a good choice for you at bachelor and college parties. Light beers only contain around 3.5 carbs. You can also opt for craft beer, but they have a little more calories than light beers.

  1. Bloody Mary

No lies that cocktails with pickles, olives, and garnishes are the best ones. Yes, we are talking about the tasty bloody Mary. This drink has few numbers of calories, and it tastes the best. This drink is less sugary and has a hint of spicy flavor. The best thing about bloody Mary is that it only contains less than 100 calories. Bloody Mary has tomato juice, lemon juice, vodka, horseradish, and some other veggies. Know that this drink is high in sugar so keep an eye out.

  1. Mojitos

We all know that mojitos are known for their sugary flavor. But you can make a healthy version of mojitos. All you have to do is minus the sugar syrup. If you still love sweet drinks, you can add a natural sweetener. Ingredients like mint, soda, and lime are low in calories. If you add sugar syrup, your calories will rise to 200.

  1. Champagne

Champagne is a fizzy and low-calorie drink that can add magic to your night at the bar. One serving of this drink contains approximately 110 calories. Sparkling wines are dry and acidic, so you will need some sugar to balance the flavor of this drink. If you want to order something to sip on, champagne is the best option.