Indonesian Tourist Cities Suitable for Holidays

Indonesian tourism is experiencing rapid development. Many tourist cities with various choices of holiday destinations attract both local and international tourists to visit these cities, especially during the Indonesia holiday.

Each tourist city has its own characteristics. Some are famous for their natural attractions like beaches, some offer various historical events. Below is a list of tourist cities in Indonesia suitable for holidays.

Most Famous Tourist Cities in Indonesia

1. Denpasar

Denpasar is the capital of Bali island, which has a variety of famous beach tourism. Until now, Bali is still the most popular area in ​​Indonesia. Every year, the number of visitors from abroad continues to grow. Though located in the city center, Denpasar also has crowded beaches and attractions. The visitors usually visit these beaches during the sunset to enjoy the evening sky.

This city has a unique culture that is an attraction for global tourists. Denpasar is famous for its amazing natural and cultural landscapes and is also a center for tourism business activities that continue to grow in Bali. 

2. Surabaya

The city of heroes is also known as Surabaya because there used to be many historical events at Surabaya. In addition, Surabaya also received an award in 2018 as the best tourist city.

You can visit various tourist objects in Surabaya. From natural tourism and culture to history. But the most famous are historical tourist destinations, such as the November 10 Monument, which is a testament to the struggle to achieve Indonesian independence in the past.

3. Batam

This city, a close neighbor of Singapore, has a variety of exciting tourist objects. Known as one of the archipelagic cities, Batam has many natural tourist destinations and beaches with beautiful views that are perfect for visiting while on vacation.

In addition, this city is also famous for its cultural tourism and culinary variety. Because it is close to Singapore, Batam has cultural characteristics similar to neighboring countries. Visitors can also buy imported goods you cannot find in other cities.

4. Yogyakarta

Known as a city of culture, Yogyakarta can be a great vacation destination because this city offers complete tourist destinations. Starting from natural tourism, education, history to culture. Not only famous for its tourist attractions, this city also has a variety of culinary delights. Gudeg is one of the culinary delights most in demand by tourists. Besides that, other culinary options, such as Bakpia and Wingko are often bought by tourists to bring back to their countries.

Indonesia has many tourist cities crowded with local and foreign tourists. These cities have their own tourist destinations and characteristics. Apart from that, there are also various culinary delights that you can try to complete your holiday moments.