How Does Virtual Speed Dating Work?

Speed dating is a traditional Jewish ritual that has become common in the current world. With speed dating, you can find new people instantly and run some tests to see whether both of you will click or not. The dating world is going through massive changes to be at par with the modern world. Building new relationships has come a long way, from planned blind dates, meeting a potential spouse in a lounge, among other ways.

Dating starts with meeting the person, knowing more about them in a certain time frame, and making a decision on whether to proceed with the flame or not. Mostly, a successful first date leads to a second and probably a happy ever after. This article will talk more about speed dating.

How it works

You might find yourself asking how speed dating works, especially if this concept is new to you. Worry no more because this article will elaborate more about it. However, it would be great to have basic information about it before indulging in it. Speed dating mostly occurs in bars or lounges. The organizers hand all participants with a tag and a piece of paper. You will tick a yes or no ahead of each name after talking with them. A yes tick indicates that you would not mind hanging out with them again.

After ticking a yes or no on the paper, you will hand the sheet back to the organizers. Suppose there is a mutual interest; the organizers will link you up with your match via email. Speed dating is among the quickest ways to find a soulmate. It might not seem easy initially, but you will get the idea after trying it again. Below we look at reasons why you should try speed dating.

  1. It has no pressure

Once in your life, you have interacted with many people and failed to feel a connection with anyone in the group. In the current world, more outgoing people settle with people who find it hard to say no. These outgoing people are also not used to taking no as an answer. However, the case is different with speed dating because you can walk away if you don’t feel any connection.

  1. It saves money and time.

Speed dating is a good way to save time and money. Taking your potential spouse to an expensive hotel is a bad idea, especially if you do not intend on meeting up again. Speed dating has a fixed rate that lets you meet and interact with singles around your area. It is impossible to go on a date with many people at a low price in the current dating world. Speed dating saves you a lot of money.

  1. It spares you from embarrassment.

Currently, many people complain about how horrible their date was. However, you will not excuse yourself with speed dating if you find yourself in a strange situation.


Speed dating in London is the perfect thing for you if you get rejected often. It is among the best ways to get a spouse, and it will save you money and time.