Get A Secure And Stable Server For Your Industry 

When it comes to building a strong server that is capable of handling the heavy networking and web infrastructure needs of tomorrow, HPE ProLiant DL160 Gen10 is the ultimate choice without a doubt. It is among the world’s most trusted and most reliable industry-standard servers, owing to the scale of security it is capable of providing. These servers come packed with HPE Silicon Root of trust technology and this technology is very efficient in protecting your server from any possible threat or attacks. 

What Can The Server Do?

The server is very capable of detecting any possibility of an intrusion and make sure that the essential firmware from your server is secured with utmost precision. The ILO Security Dashboard can very efficiently detect and point out the possible areas of security vulnerability that may lead to a breach. In addition to that, the Workload Performance Advisor also aids with better performance for the server by providing server tuning recommendations. 

Safety Is The Key To A Strong Server

To maintain absolute security, millions of lines of complex firmware codes are run before the server OS booting. This booting is also protected further with Runtime Firmware Verification which is readily enabled by the HPE iLO Advanced. Just to ensure that the server is safe, secure, and well protected, the firmware of the server is checked every 24 hours. With every check, the integrity and credibility of the essential firmware of the system are verified and validated. If the system detects that any code has been compromised, it immediately rolls back to the factory settings or the last know good code. 

In addition to that, further options for enhanced security like Trusted Platform Module or TPM is available to ensure that no unauthorized access to the server is available. It is also beneficial when it comes to the detection of any sort of intrusion over the server and it alerts the controllers when the hood of the server is removed. 

Highly Compatible For Industrial Serviceability 

When you are planning to get a secure server option for your industry, HPE ProLiant DL160 Gen10 is capable of standing up to all your needs and expectations. They are capable of supporting the 1st and 2nd generation of the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with a range of up to 26 cores and 150 W. The complete set of services that are offered by HPE Pointnext is highly capable of delivering firm confidence, minimizing risks, and offering customers with utmost stability and agility in their server. 

By understanding the challenges and complications that may be faced during the regular operation, these servers can be modified and enhanced accordingly to fit all the essential standards. Thus with the help of these servers, you can transform your business into a strong digital business with firm IT economics that aligns with your business.