A Brief History About Foie Gras

What is Foie Gras?

Foie Gras is a luxury delicacy which was invented by Romans and Egyptians and later it was made famous by the French. This practice leads to almost 2500 years back. And in today’s world, there are various types of Foie Gras recipes Foie gras is also pronounced as “frwah grah.” Foie Gras means fatty liver in french. But what is Fois Gras? Foie Gras refers to the fattened liver of a duck or geese. These livers are said to be 10 times larger than the actual liver of the bird. The enlarged liver is achieved by manmade techniques.

How is Foie Gras made?

As we discussed earlier, Foie Gras is a fattened liver. This fattened liver is obtained when the duck or the geese is overfed. So how does the process begin? In the original methods of producing Foie Gras, the ducks and the geese were placed inside small cubes where they could hardly turn. Since there was no place to move, the birds find it difficult to digest. Then these birds are forcefully fed. Extra feeding and no room to move around causes the liver to enlarge. Once the belly or the abdomen area of the bird is used to swell up, it is then slaughtered. Due to this overfeeding, the liver size tends to enlarge ten times more than the normal liver. The entire process takes up to 3 to 4 weeks until the bird is slaughtered.

The food which is given to the birds is made up of corn and it is inserted via a metal tube which is placed inside the bird’s mouth. The feed is given around 2 to 3 times a day.

Facts of Foie Gras

France is known as the largest producer of Foie Gras. It also ranks number one when it comes to the largest consumer base for Foie Gras. Apart from France, countries like California, Israel, and New York were also handsome producers of this meat. But at times they were banned due to the gruesome technique which is used to get the finest Foie Gras.

How does it taste?

Foie Gras is known to taste very buttery and rich. The fast percentage in the meat is so high that they offer a nice juicy and creamy texture. There various types of Foie Gras recipes and as per the preparation, the taste varies. Some dishes have a wine-like taste if the base of the dish is made of wine.