Engine Maintenance Tips That Can Increase the Life of Your Vehicle 

There’s no denying that engine is the heart of a vehicle. It’s the engine that keeps the vehicle running smoothly and function efficiently. Car maintenance is expensive which is why most vehicle owners avoid regular tune-ups and upgradations. But what is important here is that if you take in your vehicle for frequent inspection and take good care of maintenance then you will have to pay way less in case of serious problems. Engines need to be looked after and regular maintenance can keep them running in good condition. Here are things that can increase the life of your engine, ensure efficiency, and help your vehicle run smoothly. 

Changing the Engine Oil Regularly 

Engine oil keeps all the parts well lubricated and this helps in efficiency. Engine oil prevents overheating and friction as both can produce wear and eventually destroy the engine. Whether you drive an SUV or a passenger car, it is a big investment and with the increasing vehicle prices it’s not easy to go for replacements or upgradations. Its best to change oil and oil filter every 3000 to 5000 miles. 

Check for Leaks

Leaks are very easy to determine because of the smell. Antifreeze and oil are two things that shouldn’t leak from your engine. Antifreeze is a tinted liquid that goes inside the radiator and helps maintain engine’s temperature. Due to pressure and intense heat the rubber hose can crack which can lead to leak. Any mechanic can tell you about this during inspection and will recommend an immediate fix or replacement. Whenever you take your vehicle in for service or maintenance checkup, make sure to book an appointment with a reliable shop. Dubai Tyre Shop is among the leading service providers in the UAE and has its network spread all across the region. Anytime you want to buy new tyres or want to get services like wheel alignment, balancing, tyre rotation, or installation then contact the experienced professionals here. 

Keep a Check on the Cooling System 

Engine loses a lot of energy during combustion. The metal and alloys in your engine easily get heated, so it’s very important to keep coolant in your tank. Most vehicle manufactures and mechanics recommend a 1:1 ratio of distilled water and coolant to prevent overheating. 

Let the Engine Breathe 

Constructed air flow doesn’t allow the fuel to burn properly and can interfere with vehicle’s efficiency and performance. For proper air flow get the air filters changed regularly and allow your engine to breathe easily. 

Timely Fuel Refills 

Most drivers wait for the fuel light to turn on before they refill the tanks. Car manufactures highly recommend against it. Consistently running your vehicle down to empty will pull the sediment and junk from the bottom of the tank and choke up the fuel system. This can cause damage to the engine. 

There are so many other ways to increase the performance of your engine and vehicle. Replace the spark plugs, drive carefully and smartly, and be kind to the engine. Avoid braking abruptly as it not only puts pressure on the engine but also your tyres. If you are in a habit of sudden braking then expect your tyres to wear easily. When that happens, you will have no choice but to buy new tires. Luckily, getting new tyres is not a hassle anymore due to online buying facilities. Online platforms like the Dubai Tyre Shop have an extensive Kumho tires online UAE selection, and that’s not all. You can also take your pick from other popular brands, getting guarantee on quality, competitive rates, and premium services.