Best Cities to Raise a Family in Florida

Raising a family is a big deal.  You want to make sure you pick the right location and make the environment one where your kids will be safe, happy, and able to get a great education.  

These are the best cities for anyone who wants to raise a family in Florida, and why this state is such an incredible place to do this!  

Why Florida?

Florida is a fantastic state to grow up in.  If you’re raising a kid here, you can rest assured that they’ll be able to have a great education, fantastic entertainment, cultural diversity around them at every corner, and beautiful surroundings.  This is the state where people vacation because it’s so beautiful and there’s so much to do.  By living here, you can rest assured that your kids won’t need a vacation anywhere else; they’ll love getting to explore their home state.


The most affordable and least populated city on this list, Ocala is a quiet town with a short commute, affordable homes, and gorgeous bayside views.  This is a fantastic area to live in if you’re eager to give your kids the feeling of living in a tight-knit community and offers the chance to learn about the history and the incredible way this country came to be while you live here.  Although the average income here is low since the average home only costs $168,000: it’s a great place to live on a budget.


Lakeland is another incredible city that allows you to be able to afford more from life.  With incredibly low crime rates and gorgeous views year-round, you’ll feel like you walked right into paradise.  Homes are affordable here, at just over $300,000, and although the average annual salary is only $45,000- if you and your spouse both work, this is more than an affordable lifestyle to go for.  


Orlando is an incredibly well-known city that people travel to from around the world to spend their vacations.  Massive, with over 2.5 million people who call it home: Orlando is surprisingly affordable.  The average home is just under $400,000, which means that you could get a home that’s spacious for everyone to grow into.  Houses for rent in Orlando are also incredibly affordable while not sitting too far from the parks!

Your Family Won’t Need Convincing!

Florida is a vacation state where people go to get away from the stress of daily life and the incredible monotony of their home states.  Living here surrounds you with gorgeous views, incredible healthcare, an amazing history that can inspire your children to learn more about the world around them, and some of the best entertainment in the country.  If you have to try to convince your family to move- once you mention Florida, they’ll be excited to make the change! 

Living in Florida is Paradise!

Florida is the perfect mix of fantastic weather, affordable living, and friendly hospitality.  If you’re ready for a move that will leave you excited and ready for more: it’s time to take a trip and consider moving to one of these fantastic cities.